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  1. SteveGangi

    Don't beat (her) with your meat!

    Good thing they don't fry people anymore, or she'd roast
  2. SteveGangi

    Military recruitment 2021

    We will still need to fight and get air superiority, and put boots on the ground. That will never change.
  3. SteveGangi

    Military recruitment 2021

    I wore that green shit - 1973-1977
  4. SteveGangi

    The Gates Divorce

    They'll both still be filthy stinking rich. Stupid rich. The money will MAKE money just on holdings and interest. I think somehow, some way, they'll each find a way to struggle through. Now if Gates was doing shady underage shit with/like Epstein, the sort that got Epstein arrested, then...
  5. SteveGangi

    Delusional Sellers/Listings - Hall of Shame

    EBay isn't "all that" now, either. After the add-on to the house is done, I want to get back into ham radio. I made the mistake of pricing antennas. Specifically VHF and UHF Yagi beams. Fucking crazy. They take an already well known beam design - Tilton, DL6WU, NBS Bulletin 688. They put...
  6. SteveGangi

    It's official, the greatest electric guitar is...

    Hmmm. No mention of the Gibson ES-175, Epiphone Emperor, D'Angelico New Yorker, Gretsch Tennessee Rose, Gretsch Country gentleman, etc.
  7. SteveGangi

    Don't beat (her) with your meat!

    Such butchery! Stores better beef up security.
  8. SteveGangi

    Military recruitment 2021

    No, that would violate the shit out of the Geneva Convention... WAY more cruel and horrible than is permitted :D
  9. SteveGangi

    Alabama Woman

    Mountain snake. They're hairy cuz t's so cold up there ;)
  10. SteveGangi

    Don't beat (her) with your meat!

    Musta been a CLUB steak.
  11. SteveGangi

    Never underestimate the powers of Florida Man

    They didn't want Doggo to catch The Stoopid from him?
  12. SteveGangi

    Don't beat (her) with your meat!

    They had a beef with each other, a bone to pick, and a lot was at steak?
  13. SteveGangi

    Military recruitment 2021

    They thought we'd be a push over before WW2 ... Look what happened to them. Sucked to be them. People have forgotten how nasty we can be once they've pissed us off.
  14. SteveGangi

    Fender Mustang LT50 Speaker Wattage Rating is a secret

    SUPPOSEDLY the LT50 is a 50 Watt amplifier. Marketing being what it is these days, I look at all claimed ratings with suspicion. But anyway, it is claimed to deliver 50 Watts into an 8 Ohm load. The speaker is called a "1 x 12" Fender Special Design" but could well be made by Eminence or...
  15. SteveGangi

    Delusional Sellers/Listings - Hall of Shame

    You can GO TO a retailer and pay zero shipping too. People are greedy shits.
  16. SteveGangi

    Military recruitment 2021

    Can they follow orders, fight the war and KILL THE ENEMY? If they can, then I don't care about any other crap, plain and simple.
  17. SteveGangi

    Military recruitment 2021

    I always consider the source. ALWAYS.
  18. SteveGangi

    Hooray for EVs!

    When he does, lock him up for a good long while.
  19. SteveGangi

    3 Gin & Tonics.....5 Songs


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