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  1. Pop1655

    If I had one wish

    It would be I sure wish somebody hadn’t tried to break in last night.
  2. Pop1655


    Who is still using Helix? Who are the current Helix go to guys here? Not a lot of Helix chatter these days.
  3. Pop1655

    PSA for lazy guys for Mother’s Day

    “no problem, I’ll just call 1-800-flowers” ordered: delivered: That’s sad. I’d have been all over somebody.
  4. Pop1655

    Now this is hail

    Fell south of me last night. Shots inside houses where it came through the roof, through the ceiling and landed inside the house. Scrambling to get rail cars back on the tracks that got blown off during the storm. That’s a storm! We just caught the fringe of that one.
  5. Pop1655

    Curious if you're dealing with stuff you can't get?

    Many know I've been doing what I do for a long time. Right now I'm seeing product shortages like I've never seen before. Crazy stuff. Not just any one category. There's a big shortage of "to go" type stuff supposedly due to a resin shortage created by the freeze. Clamshell to go boxes, cups...
  6. Pop1655

    Austin boys

    @elephantrider @TheX @Bytor1958 You boys OK??? Looked rough on radar.
  7. Pop1655

    NGD 2015 Special Pro - I learned something new today

    Special thanks to @Brazilnut for hooking me up with a wonderful piece. Super nice guy to work with and man, did he deliver! About This Listing 2015 Les Paul Special Pro. Only made for one run, with a single-piece premium light weight Mahogany body and neck, and a dark Rosewood fingerboard...
  8. Pop1655

    NTD Know what a happy kid looks like?

    This is what a happy kid looks like: First truck day.
  9. Pop1655

    You live guys: SVOG ???

    I don’t know anything about this. Just saw it. Have y’all checked this out?
  10. Pop1655

    Y’all play with your prey too long

    You wanna see some action, go ask a stupid noob question on a ham radio forum. They eat their young. It is a quick a painless death however. Piranhas. You’re totally digested before you even know you’ve been bitten.
  11. Pop1655

    Winter in Texas

    Not much business Friday, should have closed yesterday, closed today, closed tomorrow. Valentine’s weekend down the drain. Trees dropping like flies from ice weight All kinds of semi’s stranded on I-10 We don’t do winter well here. Here’s what my Austin daughter is fixing to lose. Lot of work!
  12. Pop1655

    I don't care if you are Lt Dave, you have no right to do that!

    ....unapproved avatar change Changes the feel of the whole place. It's just not right.
  13. Pop1655

    #1 grandson’s new addition

    About a week before Christmas grandson and mom picked up the shivering soaking wet mess on the side of the road. They live in your typical blue collar moderately priced nice newer smaller lot subdivision off the highway behind Home Depot. This guy was at the stop sign by the park at the...
  14. Pop1655

    ProBucker cover question

    Looking for the size of the covers for the ProBuckers in the 2020 Les Paul standard 50's. 50/52?
  15. Pop1655

    Pics not worth 1000 words

    Probably a futile attempt at a post here. Trying to make the point that pics don’t do these justice by showing you pics. :laugh2: Had the opportunity to take this Am Pro rosewood neck in as part of a trade. I needed a Strat and was intrigued by the neck. I sorta struggled though because the...
  16. Pop1655

    10 more years and we get our picture in the paper

    Happy 40th to my dear sweet Sallie
  17. Pop1655

    Worked a split today.

    My own mundane. My last day of normal work was Monday June 22. Last couple of weeks I’ve been going in for a few hours. Today was as close to a normal shift as I’ve pulled since June. Did both shifts. Got there a little late and left a little early on both. Still running at maybe 40%, but like...
  18. Pop1655


    2020 Gibson Les Paul Classic. SOLD Better than new. Double Cream DiMarzio Super Distortions, CTS Pots with Orange Drops, Shielded Cavities, Historic Spec Cream Plastics including Gibson Historic Pickup Rings, New TonePros Locking ABR-1, TonePros Kluson Deluxe Tuners, Brown Gibson Hardshell.
  19. Pop1655

    Please delete

    No longer available
  20. Pop1655

    Sold locally

    1997 Rickenbacker 330 Very nice shape

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