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  1. Caretaker

    Bands of the 70`s knew how to play.......

    I wish more bands PLAYED like this today. watch the whole thing.
  2. Caretaker

    All sold

    Not using these and done buying guitars so these have to move on. Bareknuckle Peter Green set......$250 Gibson Burstbucker 2 and 3...aged... from 2001.(corrected from 2006) I just bought these here on impulse but don`t need them....$200 GFS Retrotron set..... gold.....$70 All sold as sets...
  3. Caretaker

    Very soon I will be looking for an inexpensive($300ish) Smart TV 50 inch. Any recommendations?

    Walmart? Best Buy? Other? Must be delivered.
  4. Caretaker

    The many faces of Black Sabbath

    Ozzy years....defined a genre, great songs and riffs. Dio years...more melodic and change of direction. Gillan....another change of direction...wish they would have continued. Glenn Hughes...really a Tony Iommi solo project...yet another change in direction. Ray Gillen took Glenn`s place and...
  5. Caretaker

    Still struggling....frustrated

    Recovery from a stroke is slow, I get that. I am back to work and although weak and fatigued, feeling about as well as can be expected. But as I try to play I m very discouraged. I`m gonna suck for a while and that`s fine. The problem is my mind sends the signal to may hands but there is...
  6. Caretaker

    SOLD......TELE/PAUL...HH.....Carvin TL60 Cream/white ..LOTS of options...Dimarzios. OHSC

    Reluctantly offering this for sale. Since my stroke I have only played a little(badly) and I still have my LP. A LOT of you know me and know I don`t BS. Everything I offer for sale is what I say it is with no worries. This is a Carvin TL60. Tele shape neck through. Cream /white with tortoise...
  7. Caretaker

    Had a stroke

    Hey all I had a mild stroke. In the hospital. Hopefully home tomorrow. Talk soon.
  8. Caretaker

    SOLD.....Carvin DC 127 w/ohsc...$695 shipped/paypaled...CONUS ONLY.....Pics added.

    Fantastic guitar. Very undervalued company. Neck through. 2 humbuckers with split switch. Hardtail. Alder( I think)and maple. Natural. Enony board. Just had a fret dressing. Plays and sounds great. Especially shred and blues. Just not playing and selling them off slowly. .
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  10. Caretaker

    Hand arthritis

    For those of you that suffer, what do you do that actually provides relief that is non presription drug related. My hands are deteriorating rapidly to the point where I do not enjoy playing anymore. Looking for suggestions. I don`t expect miricles. I`m 56 and have been dealing with this since my...
  11. Caretaker

    SOLD...Eastman SB59 V...Hand rubbed Varnish version..All original Lollars w/OHSC Horse hair case.

    This is my #1 but have not been playing much and will not be in the near future. Other guitars I listed have not moved so I`ll try this. Hand rubbed antique varnish. These are about $500 more than the nitro version. Feels very broken in and plays like an old friend. It feels and responds like a...
  12. Caretaker

    I went to look at a new phone today.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8. It works fine except the back is separating. I taped it and it did it again. I now know why. The battery is swollen and pushing the back off. I went to At&T store and they say it might be able to be fixed but they don`t do it. I would have to ship it to Samsung or...
  13. Caretaker

    no longer available....History RH LS OB Single Cut MIJ

    Reluctantly offering this for sale. I had an Eastman for sale and it didn`t get enough interest so this is on the block. Why am I selling? A few reasons. Family needs $$. My hands are deteriorating and I will not be playing at all in the near future. I want to get down to 2 guitars(I have this...
  14. Caretaker

    A little Mule on Friday night.

  15. Caretaker


  16. Caretaker

    Power Trio....Who is your fav and why?

    Cream? Triumph? Mountain? One rule. They have to have remained a trio. So Mule and Motorhead don`t count because they added members. I have to go with Rush. Alex plays what I expect him to. At least the early stuff when he was allowed to play guitar.
  17. Caretaker

    no longer looking...bills first...

    Anyone have one(complete with power cord, cable, paperwork and box) for a reasonable price? Will consider amp and cord if the other stuff is not available depending on price. PM me with price. Can be used as partial trade on the DBZ guitar I have for sale.
  18. Caretaker

    Finally cleared to return to work Monday after almost 2 months!!!! Testing tomorrow. Heart issues.

    Trying to get cleared to return to work after covid(been out since 12/4), it was discovered that my heart was "damaged) by the virus. Pulse was nearly twice what it should be, BP very high also. Dr thinks it is a by product of covid(she has 5 others with the same symptoms). She did an EKG that...
  19. Caretaker

    UFO Strangers in the Night reissued....8 cds Youtube link added!!!!

    Just got the call that it came in. The store had it before Christmas but sold out 75 copies in 2 days!!!!! I`ll pick it up tomorrow.
  20. Caretaker

    Today is all about the Blues

    A few single cuts, a few amps, a cord, no pedals. Some Boubon. Some Freddie King. Some Peter Green. Some Paul Kossoff. It`s a warm fall day. Windows open a little. Rustle of leaves outside. Ginger laying on a blanket next to an amp. It`s gonna be a good day.

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