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  1. uncajoey

    What Is It About The Les Paul That Makes It Special?

    You need to ask?
  2. uncajoey

    Les Pauls you’ve SOLD? And why?

    I sold my R7 after owning it for many years, but I find I don’t miss it that much. Replaced it with a Classic Premium Plus because, flame.
  3. uncajoey

    Les Pauls you’ve SOLD? And why?

    Oh my, the heart breaks just looking at those pics. Beauties! Get that amber flamey one back!!!!!
  4. uncajoey

    Has the size of the 50's neck been grossly exaggerated?

    my brother owns a ‘03 B7 that has a MASSIVE neck. I owned an ‘04 darkback R7 that was similarly insane, big big necks. I’ve never played a 50’s LP that had a neck even close to that size.
  5. uncajoey

    Tried a LP Special...blew me away

    Love my ‘00 Special (Actually, a Junior Lite, which is a Special with mini traps)!
  6. uncajoey


    Glad you got your money back!
  7. uncajoey

    Help choosing my first Gibson Les Paul

    If you like a skinny neck, there are no LPs with thinner necks than ‘90 to ‘92 Classics. Skinny skinny skinny, great top woods, and super hot Ceramic pickups, perfect for hard rock and metal.
  8. uncajoey

    Best years for BIG necks???

    Correctamundo, not even close.
  9. uncajoey

    Help choosing my first Gibson Les Paul

    The guitars you mention are completely different beasts. The 57 Custom neck has the biggest baseball bat profile of any guitar I’ve played, and that includes some real 50’s LPs, and my old R7. It also has tiny frets, and a mahogany top which are both currently out of favor. Best to go try your...
  10. uncajoey

    2000 Les Paul Classic 60's - Worth it?

    I’ve been keeping an eye on prices for early Classics recently, and the price being asked, given the axe is in Europe, ain’t half bad. Those who still think there are ‘tons’ of guitars out there for USD 1400 are wrong, the market has moved on. 1900 Euro seems like an ok starting price. The fact...
  11. uncajoey

    2000 Les Paul Classic 60's - Worth it?

    That’s badass.
  12. uncajoey

    2000 Les Paul Classic 60's - Worth it?

    I’m the owner of about a half dozen Classics from 91 to 2001. Although I understand everyones concerns about the ‘skinny’ neck, Gibson beefed up the size (depth) of the Classic neck over the years, and the 2000-2001 necks are fatter than the super skinny 91s. Later Classic necks are (gasp!)...
  13. uncajoey

    Think i just lined up a good deal. How much value does not having COA remove?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the obsession with COA is an absurdity. If you buy a historic guitar made before COAs were available, does it make it less valuable? No. Why spend thousands on an axe if you can’t determine its authenticity?
  14. uncajoey

    2003 les Paul classics

    Hot as balls, that used to be a thing, guys were swapping Shaws out for DiMarzios by the hundred back in the day. Dial back in them, and they sound great.
  15. uncajoey

    Where are all of the “affordable” Reissues

    I don’t understand why people who can’t tell a fake from a hole in the ground are spending thousands on guitars. If no cert affects value, expect to PAY less in addition to GETTING less. Sounds like a buying opportunity to me. I would imagine it would be easier to fake a piece of paper than a...
  16. uncajoey

    Where are all of the “affordable” Reissues

    I’ve seen a handful of G0s on Reverb recently for $3300-3400. Plain top R0s, great guitars. Sellers accepting offers. COAs are meaningless to me, I can tell a real one from a fake, I don’t understand why buyers demand them.
  17. uncajoey

    Opportunity to buy back my old Les Paul... Thoughts.?

    I’ve owned a number or R9s, and still prefer a certain Norlin that I let go a number of years ago. Historic, Braz, etc. are not the magic elixr for me.
  18. uncajoey

    WTB: Best Gibson LP for $3k

    Easy! A 2001 LP Classic Premium Plus in Lightburst. Add the pickups of your choice, and you’re killing it for under three grand. They’re still out there for a little over $2000, so you can put nearly any pickup you want into a very very killer guitar.

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