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  1. fretboarder

    Looking for Gibson R9 9 4441

    hi, im looking for my old R9,, anoyne a 2004 Gibson R9 in cherry burst, non orig gibson black custom art case and no COA, serial 9 4441 Thanks..
  2. fretboarder

    looking for R9 9 4441

    Anoyne own a 2004 gibson R9 in cherry burst, non orig gibson black custom art case and no COA, serial 9 4441
  3. fretboarder

    Gary moore R8

    Hi, just seeing if anyone has any info on the R8 gary used later in his career at Montreux 2010..
  4. fretboarder

    WTB:black true historic custom plastics

    hi, anyone with true historic black guard, rings and chip who's replaced their parts for others and want to sell their old part's give me a shout please, cheers..
  5. fretboarder

    please delete.

  6. fretboarder

    Conus only

    What gives with this conus only?? Ive shipped gear all over the world.. When your in the post office etc its exactly the same to ship anywhere! If theres any implied issues like things going missing etc surely its totaly on the toes of the buyer?? And or insurance ?? So what gives??? I...
  7. fretboarder

    WTB. Gibson black cs case

    Hi peeps. Im looking for a black custom shop gibson hard case. If you have one for sale gimme a shout please. Cheers ..
  8. fretboarder

    missing coa

    Long shot but has anyone got the coa for my 2004 r9 serial number is 9 4441 I bought the guitar a few weeks ago from marks guitar loft, and its def a keeper!! marks great to deal with by the way if your looking at anything on his site, :thumb:
  9. fretboarder

    Wtb. Gibson historic lifton

    Hi all. Im looking for a period correct lifton case for my 2004 r9 drop me a line if you have one please. Cheers :thumb:
  10. fretboarder

    Ngd 2004 r9

    Well what can i say about this guitar other than WOOOOOOO!!!! Ive always had a thing for early 2000 historic's to me they just feel and sound better. I put it down to the woods they used then. The finish is different to the thick rubbery stuff they sprayed on the later ones plus the burst...
  11. fretboarder

    problem seeing pics

    I seem to be having a problem seeing pics on any of the posts in the forum all I'm seeing is a little box with a x in it, it sems to be nearly in every thread, cheers
  12. fretboarder

    WTB: early mid 2000 r7 r8

    Hi, I'm looking for a Gibson les paul early to mid 2000 r7 light back goldtop or r8 cheers :slash:
  13. fretboarder

    WTB: Cc2 goldie

    Hi. Im looking for a gibson cc2 goldie lemon burst. If you have one for sale drop me a pm. Cheers :thumb:
  14. fretboarder

    WTB Over The Pond Paf's

    Anybody got a set of these OTPG Paf's they wanna move? Gimme a shout :thumb:
  15. fretboarder

    Gibson early patent number paf's

    For sale, is a set of 62 early patent number pafs black and white leads, same wire, bobbins as pafs, short mag's, bridge lead has been extended with the correct vintage braided wire by about 2 cm. no cover's but ive got some wizz lightly aged new spec 59 cover's that are dead on accuarate...
  16. fretboarder

    57 custom black beauty 62 patent number pickup's

    Hello, for sale is my 2002 Gibson 57 custom shop black beauty Ri, all original apart from the pickups which are 1962 Gibson early patent number humbucker's. black and white lead wire, the pat's are all original untouched just gold vintage accurate cover's. superb vintage tonez...
  17. fretboarder

    1956 special

    Just got this special, I'm sure Gibson named them special for a reason, I'm starting to think its due to the tone they produce. Which is nothing short of superb! plays like a dream and sounds like one, the pickups on this guitar sound like a great set of raunchy PAF's to my ears, they are...
  18. fretboarder

    ox4 pafs

    OX4 pickups | eBay
  19. fretboarder


    For sale. mojoaxe compensated aged bridge wrap around aged. never used still in the packaging.. £70 plus shipping.
  20. fretboarder

    Ox4 Pafs

    For sale a set of Ox4 pafs. double cream bobbins with aged cover's, standard wind, never installed into a guitar. price is £180 plus shipping.. thanks :thumb:

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