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  1. abracadaben

    My first BURST to start 2021

    I am the new custodian of the Conti burst that @eric ernest did a great job and it was awesome dealing with Eric. Such a great guy Its a great guitar. Its loud. Litterally. plugged it in after my 57 and though I had cranked the amp already. happpy :) a dream realized EDIT: Alright I thought...
  2. abracadaben

    2019 Page 60th Anniversary 59 LP

    This is a factory Page specs 1959 60th anniversary specially ordered by Japanese Dealer. If you want a Page #1 with all the 2019 specs (all hide glue constructions, aged inlays, thin nitro finish, PIO caps, vintage taper pots, corrected logo, vintage correct dye etc etc....) thats your horse...
  3. abracadaben

    SOLD AGED 60th Anniv Official Gibson Display Instrument at Dallas show

    $6,800 shipped Such a BADASS guitar This was made and selected by the Custom Shop best luthiers (and made from woods they keep for shows etc... ) for the Dallas Show as one of the very few LP to be displayed/showed off. These are the best of the best meant to be played and represent the finest...
  4. abracadaben

    Vintage Dimarzio

    Has Dimarzio produced any Zebra PAF before 1975/6?
  5. abracadaben

    Aged 60th anniversary hand picked wood COA

    here is this amazing hand picked wood 60th anniversary Aged LP $7,000 shipped stunning. 8.6lbs
  6. abracadaben

    57 Gold Top 7 7671

    just arrived. My first PAF 50s..... quite nice. neck is pretty good. feels smaller than a modern CS. Its a 60s reneck too but still. HM refinish. Original parts (electronics, plastics etc...) Original PAF clarity tonz STOKED
  7. abracadaben

    Incoming 57 GT

    Pulled the trigger this week on my first vintage PAFs... The Nite Owl. Thx to a few forum members on helping confirm info... (Especially Eric Ernest and Kim). Should get it next week in my hands. 57 GT refinished by HM (prior to purchasing). all original pretty much (factory reneck in early 60s...
  8. abracadaben

    FS 4 fantastic 2019 R9

    I need to offload any 3 of these 4 amazing R9s to offset part of a vintage piece I just purchased yesterday....... Any of these would be hard to let go but now I hm getting a 57 :)..... DM me for details if interested price is net to me and does not include shipping (add maybe $120) 2018/19...
  9. abracadaben

    2018/19 Aged Murphy '59 Dirty lemon monster top

    Selling my beloved lemon murphy. It was made in 2019 (see cert) but with a 2018 serial so its in between 2 years. though it is not a 60th anniversary, it has all the 60th anniv specs (unpotted pickups, electronics, aged inlays etc..) its 8.4lbs the aging is remarkable, it has the TM signature...
  10. abracadaben

    NGD 60th Mojo

    Scored that hand selected aged 60th anniversary 59 from Japan. Slow faded Iced tea Has quite some Mojo the burst is more brown/green than redish/yellow IMO
  11. abracadaben

    FS RARE Aged 2019 60th anniversary '59 Gibson display Slow faded Iced tea

    This is one of the fery few 59 LP that Gibson Custom Shop built for the Dallas Guitar show (out of 50 Gibson guitars total) These are meant to be the cream of the cream from Gibson luthiers and were displayed at the show. It has been played by artists and anthusiasts at the show and purchased...
  12. abracadaben

    2019 Page #1 60th anniversary??

    Have you guys heard of any special run of Page #1? I imported a unique piece from a dealer in Japan. it’s a 2019 60th anniversary R9 BUT It has a page finish It has a top with oblique flame like the #1 run did. It actually has a grain very close to the real one... it has factory gold grovers...
  13. abracadaben

    Tom Murphy odd finding

    Interesting finding. It’s a 2018 Murphy’s painted/aged. Came out of Gibson in 2019. It is not a 60th anniversary yet it has all the new electronics, aged inlays, nes les Paul logo placement and gold color. But it still has the 18 Gibson logo angle and seems to have the 18 dye color in the back
  14. abracadaben

    Gary playing CC1

    CC1 getting some love
  15. abracadaben

    R9 quartet

    18 R9 braz VOS 19 R9 60th aged 19 R9 60th aged 19 R9 60th braz VOS
  16. abracadaben

    2019 60th Anniversary Aged Lemon NGD

    Nice piece. BTW I notice that they changed the 2019 case to more pronounced relief on the top compared to 18 and before, like the original ones
  17. abracadaben

    19 CS vs 58 GT

    pretty short comparison but cool vid. Skip the talking lol
  18. abracadaben

    WTB or trade JP #1

    Looking for a Jimmy page #1 Email me info price and pics in [email protected] thx
  19. abracadaben

    NGD - Aged 60th 59 Dallas Showcase

    got my hands on that 60th anniversary that was showcased by Gibson at the Dallas international show. Its pretty stunning. looks like a Page #2. plays great, sounds great, looks great. nice aging.

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