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  1. Brians Evil Twin

    1951 Broadway

    This guitar was passed on to me by the executor of a recently deceased friend's estate. It's a little weird owning a guitar that was in his hands at many of our jams and gigs, but I expect I'll get over that eventually. The serial number is 61022, which according to this site makes it an NYC...
  2. Brians Evil Twin

    Gene Shay, legendary Philly DJ and Folk Festival host, has died at 85 of the coronavirus
  3. Brians Evil Twin

    Good Morning!

  4. Brians Evil Twin

    Chainsaw Case Advice

    I got this case with a "The Paul" basket case that I rehabbed a few years ago. Not sure whether to try and fix it or sell it. Some former owner painted this awful design on it, and it doesn't want to come off with soap and water, naphtha, or paint thinner. Next I'll try acetone, but that...
  5. Brians Evil Twin

    Happy 4/20 day!

  6. Brians Evil Twin

    Turquoise Epiphone Casino

    Why did they have to come out with this now? I want one so bad...
  7. Brians Evil Twin

    Bucky Pizzarelli, Master of the Jazz Guitar, Is Dead at 94

    He became a mainstay of the New York jazz scene, often performing with his celebrated son John. He died of the coronavirus. The guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli with the bassist Jerry Bruno in 2011. He was among the few guitarists of his day to play an instrument with seven strings rather than the...
  8. Brians Evil Twin

    Ellis Marsalis Jr., Jazz Pianist and Music Family Patriarch, Dies at 85

    I think we should just start a COVID-19 Musician's Memorial Thread, they're dropping like flies. The father of Wynton and Branford Marsalis and a prominent performer and educator succumbed to complications of the coronavirus...
  9. Brians Evil Twin

    John Prine RIP Americana legend John Prine has been hospitalized since Thursday (March 26) after experiencing a sudden onset of COVID-19 symptoms. A cancer survivor himself, the singer’s team revealed the news...
  10. Brians Evil Twin

    Easy Riders

    What ever happened to this fine publication?
  11. Brians Evil Twin

    Eric Weissberg, ‘Dueling Banjos’ Musician, Dies at 80 Eric Weissberg, a gifted multi-instrumentalist whose melodic banjo work on the 1973 hit single “Dueling Banjos” helped bring bluegrass music into the cultural...
  12. Brians Evil Twin

    Zoom Gets Pornbombed On Friday, the journalists Kara Swisher (a contributing writer for the Opinion section of The New York Times) and Jessica Lessin hosted a Zoom event focused on the...
  13. Brians Evil Twin

    Beato Ear Training - Anyone Signed Up?

    Just curious if anyone has bought this program and used it, and if you saw (heard) results.
  14. Brians Evil Twin

    Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band

    Not sure how I missed this...
  15. Brians Evil Twin

    How do you survive this? There are 200 scheduled laps in the Daytona 500, but it was the last one of this year’s race on Monday that will be most remembered. In a few chaotic...
  16. Brians Evil Twin

    Grammys Head Deborah Dugan Removed 10 Days Before Ceremony

    I'll start: OK boys, take it from the head. Then chorus, bridge, chorus and out. In the latest tumultuous twist for the Recording Academy, the embattled organization behind the Grammy Awards, the institution’s brand-new chief executive, Deborah Dugan, was removed from her position on...
  17. Brians Evil Twin

    Hidden for Years in a Garage 36 Corvettes To Be Given Away

    The set of ’Vettes, one from each production year between 1953 and 1989, will be part of a sweepstakes drawing next year...
  18. Brians Evil Twin

    On a Zap binge...
  19. Brians Evil Twin

    A.I. Is Making It Easier To Kill You

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