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  1. Brazilnut

    Best aftermarket PIO caps?

    JonesyBlues makes it easy, and his components are topnotch. David Jones knows his stuff! :)
  2. Brazilnut

    FS: 2010 Gibson R0 plain top wildwood burst with Tim White pickups

    Weight? When you get around to it....
  3. Brazilnut

    Yay or nay on decking the stopbar

    I like the string angle at the back of the bridge to be about the same as the neck angle. But sometimes, especially with Nashvilles, the strings sit on the back of the bridge on their way to the stop tail when I do that. If that happens, rather than screw the 'tail way up in the air, I just deck...
  4. Brazilnut

    Pickup Imbalance After Setup

    Setup issues aside, that is one gorgeous Custom!! What is that color?
  5. Brazilnut

    How long does it take a Les Paul to lighten up?

    Just rock the damn thing! It's already a beauty! :laugh2:
  6. Brazilnut

    Anyone notice pelham blue not so pelham recently?

    The Pelham Blue on the new Moderns sure looks nice!
  7. Brazilnut

    Average Weight of The Les Pauls on This Forum

    2007 Classic Antique. Weighs 7.6.
  8. Brazilnut


    I had the same amp. It ran a JBL 15 cab with the pedal steel. Bought it new in 1980, and gigged it until I couldn't pack it around any more. These amps aren't common, but most of them are still around, because they are built so well. Absolutely powerful, with great fidelity. As Olds442 said, it...
  9. Brazilnut

    Headstock repaired pricing

    My 2000 Classic had a headstock repair. That's why I was able to get it for $1200, back in the day. That guitar was the best-sounding hog I ever owned, and it held up really well, too.
  10. Brazilnut

    Why are the Les Paul Modern's so hard to find?

    They intrigue me. I like everything about them. I like the Graphite color, too. They are an especially cool iteration of the Les Paul, and I hope they continue to make them.
  11. Brazilnut

    Heavy or light versus tone?

    Big neck = deeper tone, in my experience. Weight's just weight.
  12. Brazilnut

    New Gibson Les Paul Traditional with separated neck.

    Somehow I doubt that.
  13. Brazilnut

    Bare Knuckle Mule Set

  14. Brazilnut

    Les Paul Classic Questions?? Weight range??

    My 2000 weighed 9 lbs exactly. What an idiot I was to sell it!
  15. Brazilnut

    Bare Knuckle Mule Set

  16. Brazilnut

    FS: Brand new TKL LP Case

    Fair deal n a good case. Hang in there.
  17. Brazilnut

    Bare Knuckle Mule Set

  18. Brazilnut

    Jake Kiszka's Busted '61

    Right. I get that. And I didn't know his cello is named Petunia! After listening to a lot of their songs, I have to say that the tone of that SG is killer, through the Marshall he uses. It doesn't;t sound like my SG '61, that's a fact. It's the best tool for him, no mistake. It's just so rare...
  19. Brazilnut

    NGD / Refinished 2003 Standard

    Definitely a fine road warrior. I'll bet it thunders!

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