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  1. lunchbox

    First practice in over a year !

    Why haven’t you guys been practicing?
  2. lunchbox

    Curious if you're dealing with stuff you can't get?

    Does sex count? Not cool to rub salt in the already deep wounds of us married guys, pop.
  3. lunchbox

    Elon on SNL...

    Just another 111 actor for the Kabal.
  4. lunchbox

    guitars you want to like but can't

  5. lunchbox

    Something I ran across...

    DuPont hacked MLP and shut down the thread because they know they’ll lose poly sales over it.
  6. lunchbox

    Lights in the Sky.

    Satellites everywhere, 5G wireless everywhere, mRNA manipulation...where is this all headed? This isn’t the dystopian future I’d hoped for.
  7. lunchbox

    Norlin Prices Climbing, How Far Will It Go?

    People getting their own $$$ back from the government in the form of ‘stimulus’ has really thrown the used markets out of whack. Vintage VW’s are through the roof and beyond right now. It will all go back to ‘normal’ soon.
  8. lunchbox

    '59 Burst delivered to its new owner

    IT’S A FAKE!!! I’m guessing that the guy doesn’t have an account here. He probably hobnobs over at the other forum.
  9. lunchbox

    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    Once you understand that this is all by design it makes life much easier, since you can then see straight through the Government/MSM propaganda. It’s all done by the numbers.
  10. lunchbox

    Show me on the Sneech where Dr. Seuss hurt you.

    All planned out by the numbers, of course. Here’s a good breakdown:
  11. lunchbox

    NAD Orange AD30HTC Mini Stack

    More speakers.
  12. lunchbox

    NAD Orange AD30HTC Mini Stack

    Nice amp! Congrats! Get 1 more PPC112 and you’ll have a mini-stack. I had an OR15 mini-stack which sounded amazing at lower volumes, but just couldn’t do it in a band situation. But it’s an amazing recording amp. Switched to a CR120 with PPC412. Sounded awesome.
  13. lunchbox

    Favorite movie scene

  14. lunchbox

    I Have Terrible News

    You don’t want to know.
  15. lunchbox

    Gibson quality going down the drain again ...

    With literally thousands of great used Gibsons in the used market, why would anyone buy new these days? I’ve made that mistake a couple of times and lost a ton of $$.
  16. lunchbox

    Keef confirms it was a Firebird VII on Satisfaction

    I don’t trust that Keef can actually remember what he used to record songs with over 50 years ago.
  17. lunchbox

    Mr. Potato: A Mister no more!

    The man you see called ‘Elon Musk’ is a bred actor, just like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and others. Nothing more. They’re the public faces of a group of people that have controlled human societies, globally, from behind the scenes, for literally centuries now.
  18. lunchbox

    NBD: 1922 Paramount Style B tenor

    Martin made guitars for Paramount in the 1930’s, but not banjos. Paramount was started by Lange and Rettburg and operated from 1920-1939. Here’s a cool historical video about the company that talks about Martin towards the end:

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