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  1. danohat

    My Big, Fat Diet Thread

    Oh yeah. Burn fat faster while changing shape.
  2. danohat

    My Big, Fat Diet Thread

    Lifting weights is the secret.
  3. danohat

    My Big, Fat Diet Thread

    Congratulations brother.
  4. danohat

    Almost forgotten 80s movies.

  5. danohat

    Curious if you're dealing with stuff you can't get?

    Chlorine shortage is from the factory in Florida being destroyed by a hurricane. The tablets that people use to self feed chlorine are in serious short supply. We all knew this months ago so we stocked up. I called some of my better customers and told them to stock up. We'll get them all open...
  6. danohat

    Slide guitar players...your fave slide?

    I could use an old rusty hacksaw and get the same effect. I'm saying my slide game is whack.
  7. danohat

    Pretty darn cool.....

    I'm pulling the plug on this.
  8. danohat

    Curious if you're dealing with stuff you can't get?

    The cost of doing business is going up fast. The more crap you gotta deal with to do the job, the more the job costs.
  9. danohat

    Down 22lbs

    There's quite a few guys here doing something others dream of and put off. Congrats!
  10. danohat

    Down 22lbs

    Bad ass. My wife's down 18. You have willpower.
  11. danohat

    Am I INSANE? Knowing your "loved guitars" to play

    I've had mine for 26 years and I still think about it when I'm at work.
  12. danohat

    What is your "Beater Guitar"

    My beater is a black Epi 335 Pro. Nothing special. Plays good, sounds good. Not worried about anything happening to it.
  13. danohat

    Curious if you're dealing with stuff you can't get?

    Absolutely. My job is a nightmare at the moment. Can't get anything.
  14. danohat

    It begins today.....OKRA 2021!

  15. danohat

    NGD ...blunted

    Me- I bought Gracie a new guitar. Her- Why? We have ten guitars here already! I wish you would have asked me. Me- I wanted to. I guess I will have to continue working if I ever want to pay it off. Along with everything else. Her later- I'm really sorry. That was stupid of me. Me- Let's get it on!
  16. danohat

    Popping Caps - Adult Edition

    I've had many. I use a Remington single shot old one. If the nail doesn't go in all the way, reload and put the barrel over it and shoot again. Some walls just blast apart. Hammerdrill time.
  17. danohat

    Goodbye, Lily

    Damn brother. Remember I did a post on my cat's 20 birthday? I took him in last week. Brutal. I feel for you, my friend.
  18. danohat

    Good Lord, I don’t get it

    Into the wee hours? That poor kid.

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