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  1. Gtarzan81


    Heritage has released what I'm calling their R9: Street price is $3799, but deals can be had. (I asked the biggest Heritage dealer about it on FB)
  2. Gtarzan81

    Gibson 1986 Studio - Edwards Jimmy Page - Edwards John Sykes

    Any of youse in the market for any of the following? 1. 1986 Gibson LP Studio $ 950 shipped. Only changes are a pro setup and new strings. It plays better than when I got it.
  3. Gtarzan81

    Anyone near Lansing MI?

    Saw this posted up, and its local pickup only: Sounds legit here:
  4. Gtarzan81

    Real Estate Investing

    Does anyone here own single-family rental houses, do fix and flips, or own multi-family real estate? Why? I'm just starting my journey. I've taken a few seminars and am currently saving up "table stakes" for a single-family property in or around Dallas. I'm trying to keep a decent cash cushion...
  5. Gtarzan81

    Two Gibson Les Pauls for Sale (or trade)

    I have 2 Gibsons up for sale. (Or trade if you have a MIJ LP with P90s or a MIJ ES-335 type.) 1. 2011 Blue Studio Faded. All stock. 59 C shape neck. Thicker neck, but not a baseball bat. Dark blue back. No real dings or anything. BB Pro pickups. Market value for these are around $650ish. I have...
  6. Gtarzan81

    Speaker Suggestions? (2x12 cab)

    I have a 2x12 cabinet I got for $100 years ago, but the speakers have never been great. It's one of these: I'm looking for suggestions of at least 50 watts per speaker. I've been looking at...
  7. Gtarzan81

    2017 Gibson Slash Anaconda Les Paul - Signed

    All, My birthday is coming up and I'd love a really nice guitar for my birthday. Its been a full year at my new job and I'm thinking of just going for it. Can anyone verify that this is a legit guitar and a reasonable price...
  8. Gtarzan81

    WTT: SD JB & SD Custom 5

    I have 2 bridge Duncans I'd like to trade for 1 PAF ish neck pickup. Duncan JB bridge covered Duncan Custom 5 (SH-14) zebra Both should be normal 49.2 LP spacing. I also have a gold covered 490R/ 498T set as well if anyone is interested.
  9. Gtarzan81

    Pickup Swap Advice Requested!

    I'd like a bit of advice on what to do concerning my 4 guitars, other than the idea that I need 4 more ;) -Gibson Tribute. GT - Great player, bridge p/u 57 Classic + rocks. Neck 57 Classic is too dark for my taste, even with the tone on 10. Swap out the pot or p/u? -2011 Gibson Studio. Great...
  10. Gtarzan81

    Pickup Swap: Seymour Duncan JB

    I have a Duncan JB gathering dust. I prefer more PAF style pickups, so the JB got pulled. Looking to trade it for just about anything vintage ish in output.
  11. Gtarzan81

    2017 Tribute HP - Goldtop

    Anyone familiar with these by chance? I did a search here and found nothing. Even Google didn't come up with much. The reason I'm asking for forum wisdom is the Sam Ash near me has one...
  12. Gtarzan81

    Help Me Decide Which Les Paul to Buy - Part Deux

    I currently have several guitars which I enjoy, but none of which am I absolutely star struck by. My only Gibson is a 2011 Studio Faded, which is very nice overall. I'm iffy on the Burstbucker Pro pickups. I find them "acceptable" and decent under good amounts of gain. They may be replaced for a...
  13. Gtarzan81

    Whats with the "I'm BCRGreg and I need to be banned" bullshit?

    Just GO! :laugh2::wave:
  14. Gtarzan81

    NGD: Gibson Studio Faded in Blue

    Folks, I'm super excited to announce my new Gibson Studio Faded in blue. Got it from a local guy, and it's my first Gibson. I plays as well as my Epi and Esp combined, so those may be for sale here shortly. Here we go:
  15. Gtarzan81

    WTB: Edwards Jimmy Page

    I'm looking to buy an Edwards Jimmy Page model. Preferably from within the contigous U.S. Please reply here or send PM to open the conversation.
  16. Gtarzan81

    New Amp Head Ideas Welcome!

    I'm having a dilemma, and I need YOUR help! I just picked up a decent 2x12 cab cheap, and am considering selling my Class 5 and getting a lower wattage head for the cab. I'm open to ideas, and am looking in the $500-800 range, and will be looking at used heads. I know my price range doesnt...
  17. Gtarzan81

    Sam Sung pickups?

    Hey all, Just got my Epi LP back today, after having new pots, caps, and S.D. '59's installed. To my suprise, the old Epi p/u's have, no joke, SAM SUNG stamped on the bottom plate. I'm mighty confused. I'm hoping ya'll can help me out on this one. Note: I've had it new since '95. Hadn't...

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