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  1. Brazilnut

    Jake Kiszka's Busted '61

    If this subject has already been aired, forgive my ignorance, But if not, has anyone noticed this Gear Rundown video where Jake Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet explains how the control bout of his original '61 LP/SG just broke off? I mean, YIKES! Why does he use such a precious object as his main axe...
  2. Brazilnut

    A Pleasant Surprise

    I recently acquired a 2007 Classic Antique. It had junk pickups in it, so I put in a set of BK Mules. They were too bright for my taste, so I took them out and replaced them with a Geppetto at 8.2K and an old Wagner Fillmore at 8.4K I had laying around. That did it. But the best part is that...
  3. Brazilnut

    Bare Knuckle Mule Set

    Nice Bare Knucks Mule set in double black, with 16" of lead on both pickups. Red is hot, black is ground. The other two are twisted together and heat shrinked. Noyhing fancy, just a great all-round set of pickups. Both read in the low-to-mid sevens. $245 shipped and PP'd.
  4. Brazilnut

    NGD Classic Antique 2007

    Acquired this a couple weeks ago. Got it on Reverb, and had to pay tax. Ugh. But I really wanted it because it has a Mahogany top. Not that it sounds any different than any other 2007 chambered LP. It's kind of beat up, the back looks like a road map and the frets are worn, but that just means...
  5. Brazilnut

    Finding The Original Price Of A 2007 LP

    Where do I look to find the MSRP of a 2007 Classic Antique Mahogany Top Les Paul? It is this guitar...
  6. Brazilnut

    SOLD 2015 Les Paul Special Pro $1100 Very nice light weight Special. Great tone! $1100 shipped.
  7. Brazilnut

    Anybody play one of these?

  8. Brazilnut

    WTB: 2008 Spec Standard Any Year From 2007 On

    I'm looking for a chambered Standard, and as all 2008 spec standards are chambered...has to be under 8 lbs. That's my only stipulation.
  9. Brazilnut

    NGD: Firebird

    Just traded a friend on the Forum for this thing. What a cool guitar! I had to change out the pickups for a set of Lundgrens. Much better! I really like the tone. It has a kind of hoarse quality to the highs that sends chills down my spine. And although it looks unwieldy, it's not. It's light...
  10. Brazilnut

    SOLD Callaham Tele Bridge With Manlius Pickup
  11. Brazilnut

    So I put one of Jonesy's tele pickups in...

    It went in this homemade Frankencaster...
  12. Brazilnut

    Tele Wiring With Humbucker / Single Coil Pickups

    I am putting together a chambered tele with a Fralin 'bucker in the neck, and a Jonesy tele pickup in the bridge. So, do I use 500k pots with a .022uF cap, or split the difference, and use 300k pots and an .033? Or something else I haven't heard of? Help!
  13. Brazilnut

    !979 T-Top

    Are these pickups any good? This one is kind of beat up, but still reads 7.5K, and has enough lead for a bridge position in an LP.
  14. Brazilnut

    Hung By The Neck Until Dead

    Don't hang your guitar on the wall. It's murder on the neck! They make cases for these guitars, and that's where they belong when not in use. Guitars are not decorations.
  15. Brazilnut

    NGD: 2016 Special Pro

    I've always wanted a Special. Tried a couple, both P90 and hum bucker. and liked them, but there was always something about them I didn't like. The neck, the tone, the weight, yada yada. I paid too much for this one--that damn tax on Reverb! But it is very nice. So nice I even bought the right...
  16. Brazilnut

    2007 Les Paul Classic Antique $1800

    I;ll sell it here for $1950 shipped.
  17. Brazilnut

    Geppetto Pickups

    I bought a set of humbuckers from this winder on the recommendation of Roxie13. I put em in a LP Special Pro. She was right. Great price, and great pickups. Low wind, unpotted, clear, warm, and sweet. Try em! :)
  18. Brazilnut

    Wiring Glitch

    Put in a new harness, new switch, and new P90s in a 2007 Les Paul. Harness was an old unused one from Jonesy, long shaft pots, nice caps by Mojotone. Checked the ohmage before I closed it up, all was well in all three positions. Plugged it in--- No tone controls. They act as if they are turned...
  19. Brazilnut

    My Partscaster

    I've been painting and screwing together Strats and Teles for many years. I'm not a luthier, I'm just a builder who loves doing the lacquer finishes. This build started out with a USACG lightweight alder 3-piece 57 route, from back when Tommy Rosamond still ran the company, and I could get...
  20. Brazilnut

    NGD : 2007 GOTW

    Got this off Reverb. It's a Classic Antique with what Gibson calls H-90s. The two tone pots are push-pull for coil splitting.There's a hum cancelling coil under the regular P-90 coil, I guess. They sound good, but the neck pickup can get a little muddy if you drive it. I ordered a set of...

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