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    NBD: 1922 Paramount Style B tenor

    Hey y’all... I’ve been gone for a while because I sold all my guitar gear and switched over to the tenor banjo. I always wanted to learn to play Irish pub and Trad tunes on banjo. It’s been a huge challenge, but a lot of fun! Today I took the plunge and bought myself a beautiful 1920 Paramount...
  2. lunchbox

    Apparently, no one is really missing him

    Where did he go? :dunno:
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    Today, with the flick of a pen, someone bankrupted the Federal Reserve Bank and absorbed its function into the United States Treasury, where it rightfully belongs. The cause of much war, famine and economic collapse for the past 107 years has been dissolved, and the people have reclaimed the US...
  4. lunchbox

    Had my peopleiscus worked on this morning.

    I finally got my knee repaired. There was a pretty big tear in my peopleiscus, so I had arthroscopic surgery. Now I’m chilling on some nice opioids. I’m hoping it solves most of my pain for a few years. Someday: knee replacement! :sadwave:
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    Societal stigmas: a good thing

    I’ve been listening to these guys for a time now. Somehow I missed this one from a while back. I’d never really thought about this before, but it explains A LOT of issues that are going on now. Give it a listen, it’s only a few minutes long.
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    Chill and watch some guys build a Viking house with only hand tools

    So awesome and relaxing to watch. Nature, hand tools, fire, a dog and bearded men. This is what we were meant to do! Happy Friday!
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    I’m healed! (Sobriety content)

    Since I don’t really have many friends around in my new area, I just wanted to share some good news and hope for others here that are also sober. I had my bloodwork done last week and got the results. After having been diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis 2x by 2 different doctors, the first time...
  8. lunchbox

    Your Taste in Music Can Reveal How Smart (or Dumb) You Are

    Interesting....but not really surprising that hip-hop and rap are generally enjoyed by people that didn't do well on their SAT. Also, look where Nickelback is. :laugh2:
  9. lunchbox

    That's it. I want to die now.

    Just....please kill me now. This world is beyond saving at this point.
  10. lunchbox

    Help me cheer up Fett!!

    Sorry for your situation, buddy. That’s a tough one. So I took the liberty of making a Silver Linings list for your loss: Amputee fetish by girls that are probably pretty crazy in the sack! New hobbies, like a new technique: south paw masturbation! Less body area to have to wash everyday...
  11. lunchbox

    Great Movie Clips

    I was clicking around on YT during lunch for some of my favorite movie scenes. Here's one of them. DD Lewis is such an amazing actor for this type of character. His work in this movie and There Will Be Blood were epic. The complete control of the situation, the lack of compassion or conscience...
  12. lunchbox

    A Wednesday philosophical pontification

    I walked outside of my work just a little bit ago for my daily 1 mile walk. Since I sit in a cube all day, I have to get out and breathe some fresh air. As I walked across the parking lot I saw something written on the ground in bright blue chalk of approximately 10" letters. The words were IN...
  13. lunchbox

    Used market SG Standard prices...WTF??

    I’m pondering selling my 2016 SG Standard T. So I hopped on EBay to get an idea of what I can get for it. I was thinking the usual of around $800-$900. But I was shocked! The lowest listing price was $1099 + shipping! Most listings were $1200+! This doesn’t seem normal. Are newer SG’s actually...
  14. lunchbox

    It’s my birthday, and I expect cake.

    49. I never thought I’d make it. Time for some reflection: -1 wife -2 kids -Decent career -Sober for 1 year, 4 mos -Never had a DUI -Only been arrested once (bench warrant for a speeding ticket) -Finally got out of CA -Own a house -Have never had geigh secks -Have been in some really good rock...
  15. lunchbox

    The end of hook ups and one night stands

    The American Bar Association may sign a legal resolution this week that says that sex is not consensual until proven so; essentially all sex is rape until proven otherwise. The sexbot market will sure get a boon...
  16. lunchbox

    The Black Budget

    Ever wondered what happens to literally $Trillions? Ever wondered how that money can just disappear? Ever wondered what really happened with the housing crisis in 2007? I've watched this presentation a few times, and it always blows me away. It's long, but it's pretty amazing. Highly recommend!
  17. lunchbox

    Nut width question

    I have an Epi Masterbilt acoustic that I just can’t bond with. The biggest problem seems to be the 1.68” nut width (too narrow; fingers bunching up). After 50 searches I can’t seems to find what this decimal measurement equals in fractions as far as nut width goes. Is 1.68” equal to 1-5/8” or...
  18. lunchbox

    The culture war; a couple things I've run across online recently

    This was posted on a light pole in Portland, OR. This is a post from 4chan. Not sure if it's true, but with the way things are going for Twitter and the others, it seems reasonable, sadly. And just because it's funny, here's a sky penis; courtesy of the USAF. Trans-men are furious, because...
  19. lunchbox

    Todays Darwin Award Winners

    For trying to jump a drawbridge, Dukes of Hazard style. A+ for effort, boys!
  20. lunchbox

    Patriotic/veteran shirts

    I recently bought a few of these Grunt Style shirts and really like them. Some of them are a little over the top, but others are just cool patriotic designs. They’re also super comfortable and come with a ‘beer guarantee’, so 100% replaceable. Some profits go to veteran organizations. They have...

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