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  1. X–Ray

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    Two boards were too much Hoping one-and-a-third is just right Waiting on a Benson Fuzz and Boss tb-2w to replace the Crimson and Bender...
  2. X–Ray

    Fender Jimmy Page Dragon and Mirror Telecaster are out!

    Love mine - especially the neck...
  3. X–Ray

    Pick guard on or off on Historics

    Let's the wood breathe resulting in better tone...
  4. X–Ray

    Thick neck or skinny neck les pauls

    Seems counter-intuitive, however, I have small hands and chunkier necks feel better...
  5. X–Ray

    Post your 2 favorite amps

    Really enjoying the combo of blending the 1974X with the Black Magick
  6. X–Ray

    What would your wife do with your Les Paul(s) if you died?

    Didn't know there was a choice about dying...
  7. X–Ray


    Yep, still using and loving them... No adjustments whatsoever to my LPs, Strats or Teles - only to my playing. Clean technique is critical, especially when chording and bending.
  8. X–Ray

    Let me see your Iced Tea burst if you got one.....Pls...

    Some sweets teas in this thread My 2010 R9 with Virgil Arlos
  9. X–Ray

    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    More is always better, right?
  10. X–Ray

    Post a picture of your favorite strat you own.

    My favorite Strat is the Jeff Beck model - x3 Only difference between stock are the Vega-Trem systems, replaced 5-way switches with 3-way ones and swapped out the pups My wife asked why do I have three of the exact guitar? Ahh, but they're not to me :) No matter which one I grab I'm equally...
  11. X–Ray

    Marshall 1974x Appreciation Thread

    My "Happy Tone" - 1974X and Black Magik
  12. X–Ray

    King of Tone - I was expecting more...

    Follow-up: When all else fails, look at product manual... Fiddled around with internal dip switches and very pleased with outcome. Suggestion: upon initial disappointment, play with dip switches before deciding to sell :naughty:
  13. X–Ray

    King of Tone - I was expecting more...

    Twice as bored now? :)
  14. X–Ray

    King of Tone - I was expecting more...

    (my mostly "gain" board - a tandem board is modulations, a Box of Rock gain pedal, eq, delays, Zuul noise gate and Secret Pre-amp) At first, I thought the KOT was good but I wasn't knocked out given all the hoopla. After spending time with it, I realized the KOT takes whatever the guitar and...
  15. X–Ray

    NGD - Finally in the Les Paul club!

    Welcome to the club and long may you enjoy your new LP
  16. X–Ray

    Your Ideal Amp

    My ideal amp would be psychic...
  17. X–Ray

    Your Ideal Amp

    Clear Sonic - got it from Sweetwater Good luck!
  18. X–Ray

    Lp pickup recommendations.

    Long may you enjoy your new guitar! After you've given the stock pups a chance, strongly recommend my favorites (in order): Virgil Arlos, Tom Holmes and Lollar. With all the great pup makers out there, it's hard to go wrong.

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