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  1. lexx

    The Official Centre Fold Spread~Oh~licious Drool~Oh~rama Photo Thread

    Here r a couple of my centerfold.
  2. Received_601692586886933


  3. Received_601796886876503


  4. lexx

    Story of My Conversion (52-59)

    That is beautiful!!!
  5. lexx

    Gibson LP BFG 2007

    Deadly!! I had the Gary Moore version and sold it ....still kicking myself.
  6. lexx

    ES-333 neck profile

    I own a 2004, it is a fantastic guitar but like TattooedCarrot said it does have a slim 60s neck.
  7. lexx

    Phaez amps?? How long to get a amp?

    Thanx ANEAS for your help. Amp seemd to be on the way.
  8. lexx

    Phaez amps?? How long to get a amp?

    Hi, I was hoping someone can help me. I sent payment for a Phaez Brawler well over a month ago. My payment was accepted and taken for my account and have not heard a word on it after. This is my first time dealing with Phaez. I am after sending 3 email with no reply back. Is this normal? I...
  9. lexx

    Good or Bad Years for SG Standards

    I also have a 2013 Standard and it is a great SG!!
  10. lexx

    My Vs - Looking for a collective noun?

    A formation of V's!
  11. lexx


    Here is a couple of pics on mine. As you can see by the back it gets its share of play time. [/ATTACH]
  12. lexx


    I have a ES333 that I think is amazing. Have a look at Ebay and see what they are selling for. They seem to be going up in price over the last while. The ES-333 is quite similar to the Gibson ES-335, but varies from the ES-335 in the following ways: The finish is a thin satin finish...
  13. lexx

    The SG Guitar revisited

    Sweet!!! Nice touches. I know I love my 2013 SG Standard!
  14. lexx

    New SG Standard

    I also got a 2013 Sg Standard in Natural burst for Christmas. I find the neck is not thick from front to back but I do find that it does have a lot more shoulder making is seem fat.I guess you would say its more "U"or "C" shaped then "V".
  15. lexx

    Gibson SG Captain Kirk Disaster

    Too bad about the headstock, at least you got your money back. That guitar is suppose to come with a signature case and don't let anyone tell you any different! Kirk Douglas Roots SG
  16. lexx

    Changed up the '78 SG Standard a bit

    Sweet Sg's!! Love the brown. I got a 2013 Standard coming can't wait to get it!
  17. lexx

    Es 333 pickguard?

    Thanx guys but this is an old post from May. I have since found a pickguard.
  18. lexx

    Upgrade trapeze tailpiece for Gibson ES330?

    ...the sound is important to me also.....
  19. lexx

    Upgrade trapeze tailpiece for Gibson ES330?

    If it was mine....Bigsby without a doubt. I have a Es333 and I want to put a Bigsby on sooo bad but I can't live with the holes left from the tailpiece.
  20. lexx

    Ngd: 2002 es 333

    Awesome 333! You did a nice job on the finish.

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