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  1. TVvoodoo to remove crazy glue off nitro finish?

    I absolutely get what you are saying, my comment was half jest, but also half serious. It is a very common experience that the use / installation / futzing around with mechanical strap locks can often result in damage to straps and guitars the users were trying to avoid in the first place...
  2. TVvoodoo to remove crazy glue off nitro finish?

    Yet another reason to avoid straplocks. :hmm:
  3. TVvoodoo

    Nicknames for "Americans"

    Also maybe Dodger, referencing baseball but also other USA visitors in the past
  4. TVvoodoo

    Finally the key to tone has been found

    :-) that was fun... been wanting to do it for years
  5. sunflower.jpg


    Special commission, "sunflower" a fixed-length featureing carved/tooled sunflowers


    Loosely in the Sheridan style, cowboy carved floatin' pad strap
  7. TVvoodoo

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Been beating a dead cow, for some cowboy
  8. TVvoodoo

    Paul Gilbert on "Heartbreaker"

    Wonderfully entertaining!
  9. TVvoodoo

    Do you have a guitar strap jones?

    Thank you! These are individually numbered in series, mine is #09 @CB91710 I recognize those Bo Straps! A small maker with a HUGE rep! Sunflower update.... I know nothing to do with straps, but yesterday between loads of laundry, (yes, sigh... I have been partially domesticated), I pounded...
  10. TVvoodoo

    Do you have a guitar strap jones?

    Update... more detail, decorative cuts added... This is my personal favorite strap
  11. TVvoodoo

    Do you have a guitar strap jones?

    The problem with a really great strap is, people start complimenting your hundred-fifty dollar strap, but stop mentioning your $2,700 guitar. That'll drive a guy a little crazy. This is why in my opinion all Les Pauls or more expensive guitars are best hung on a $14.99 non-descript poly shoulder...
  12. TVvoodoo

    Do you have a guitar strap jones?

    nice collection of strappage, also demonstrative of one of the main reasons I started building my own. Why do manus feel that we are all 5 foot 10 and need a 51 inch strap at max? Mine were sitting on the last loop, were still too short, made me feel like a damn clown. And, it's not really very...
  13. TVvoodoo

    Do you have a guitar strap jones?

    Thank you for putting up the link. if anyone here is interested in the progress of the "Sunflower" carve let me know, I'll detail it here somewere
  14. TVvoodoo

    Do you have a guitar strap jones?

    OMG, my onetime guitar strap jones ten years ago eventually turned into something entirely different. Back then, I was highly unsatisfied with what I could buy, so I started designing and making my own. Over time it turned me on to other rewarding crafty pursuits such as sewing and leatherwork...
  15. TVvoodoo

    The Cowboy Hat Movie

    I have a stetson, an biltmore and an akubra. I dig my hats
  16. TVvoodoo

    A new Strap for Meatball

    You can find all kinds of wonderful things if you are willing to open the mind and wallet a little bit. ...
  17. TVvoodoo

    NSD? I’m a Well-Hung man and I want you all to know it!

    Wonderful pix!!! play in the greatest of health and comfort my brother. I messaged you about that strap mod/repair you were asking about.

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