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  1. Droog

    Stevie T youtube channel is hacked

    Some people have way too much free time on their hands to just sit around trying to ruin a persons day.
  2. Droog

    NOGD 1959 Double Cut Special TV Yellow

    Looks great, it sounds and plays great....a perfect guitar to buy.
  3. Droog

    A question for my Canadian friends

    I'm a first generation Canadian, and if you look at our older population, a lot of them served in WW11, Korea, even some in Vietnam. in later generations like mine and younger, I know many who have served but certainly most have not. For those who have served, we thank you for our freedom and...
  4. Droog

    School me on video/audio doorbells

    I have the ring one, easy install, works great, adjustable settings. Subscribe or not, your choice.
  5. Droog

    NGD 1958 LP Jr double cut

    Another of the 4 digit serial Juniors. I got mine from Grinning Elk
  6. Droog

    NGD 1958 LP Jr double cut

    Looks like plenty of life left. Just get them dressed, good to go. My old Junior looks like the twin of yours, these things play and sound awesome.
  7. Droog

    MotoGP in 2021 >spoiler<

    Horrible thing for a person to go through, even though it was no fault of his.
  8. Droog

    Sad Day - Said Goodbye to my Hotrod

    More pics of the Falcon? Maybe from when it was in its glory days, and not sitting under snow, waiting to be towed.
  9. Droog

    Habs fire Julien

    Don't forget the GM and everyone else involved in building the team had to be from one province apparently. Price have an unspectacular year really didn't help either.
  10. Droog

    Is this thing an otter?

    That's an otter. What you have is a mink. Find a couple hundred others and make a pimp's winter coat.
  11. Droog

    *** 1954 LP Goldtop Restoration ***

    Hopefully sometime we can see this fiddle after it's refinished.
  12. Droog

    Tesla trouble in China

    Snow tires if you're going to do that stuff.
  13. Droog

    What are you cooking for the big game?

    Smoked brisket!
  14. Droog

    Janne Schaffer's '59

    The original tuners were swapped out and don't think I didn't notice the missing pickup covers! The value has plummeted, I'm offering him 5 grand and not a penny more. :fingersx:
  15. Droog

    An apology

    This Gong Show is still going?
  16. Droog

    NHL 2021

    They might be positioning things for some kind of rebuild, not necessarily complete, but partial perhaps. Rutherford was always a go for it every year GM, and 2 cups is nothing to ignore, a step backward to rebuild for the future might not have been something he would agree with?
  17. Droog

    NHL 2021

    Having their GM resign 7 games into the season kind of throws a wrench into the plans.
  18. Droog

    Eddie Van Halen mural - Guitar Center Hollywood

    That's cool. I wish I could get that done on my wall if I was bankrupt.
  19. Droog

    My dream of a Challenger EV is looking more like it may someday happen.

    I'm not trying to be political, I just love the sound of a V-8 while rowing through a manual gearbox. :shock: It's just what I like, so I guess I'll be keeping my old Mustang.
  20. Droog

    My first BURST to start 2021

    Covers on. It's too clean to have them off.

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