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  1. B. Howard

    We've been warned!

    Used to have a lot of respect for Mark...
  2. B. Howard

    Custom 8 string build

    I haven't done a build thread in what seems like forever and thought it was about time for one. And this build seemed like an interesting tale to tell. The request is simple enough, an 8 string Superstrat. Think early 80's Charvel and your in the zone. As has been my experience in all things...
  3. B. Howard

    UV cured finishes

    I realize that most here are old school nitro type guys..... but for those interested in a completely modern approach to guitar finishing here is a how to on my methods.
  4. B. Howard

    Gibson 340 wiring

    Anyone got a schematic for the wiring on the 340 made from 68-72? It has the following control layout: 3 way switch, 1=both p up in phase, 2 both out of phase, 3 mute Master volume, blend pot for pickups and separate bass and treble tone controls.
  5. B. Howard

    I'm still here......

    So, it's been awhile guys.....but I'm still here. It's been a tough 6 months but things are sorted and starting back on an upward swing. 2018 will be a year of big changes at Howard Guitars. It is with a mix of happiness, excitement and sadness that I make the following announcement. WE ARE...
  6. B. Howard


    Some of you may have noticed I have not been around much the past month or so. Unfortunately there is a reason for this. Due to issues of health, I am forced to suspend my guitar finishing operations. I am not quitting the guitar business by any means, just scaling down to something I can...
  7. B. Howard

    Is PLEK better?

    With CNC tools quickly coming into play in the world of lutherie one must always wonder, are these new high tech wonders really better than good old fashioned craftsmanship? One place this debate can get rather fierce is on the topic of fretwork. In this article I put myself up against a PLEK...
  8. B. Howard

    Sealing wood

    Here is a link to an article I wrote about understanding wood sealers and why you need them. Enjoy.
  9. B. Howard

    Not a LP, but here's my latest.....

    It's a Tele style, I'm calling it the Classic-50 model.Some features are; Fully chambered Ash body with a nicely figured Chechen drop top Slight armrest bevel Hard Maple neck with 2-way rod and Ebony stripe Glow in the dark side markers Schaller tuners Dimarzio Area-T pickups...
  10. B. Howard

    Bondo is for cars not guitars!

    Here is the story of a 59 Gibson ES125TDC that really needed some love and a lot of bondo removal...... Brian Howard's guitar building & repair blog: The Bondo Cutaway Or Why I hate bondo on guitars!
  11. B. Howard

    Repairing a headstock veneer

    In this blog post I show how I repair a headstock veneer that fell victim to the Floyd Rose craze.... Thankfully it was actually a top mount Kahler type tremolo so the body of this LP was not routed out. Hope you enjoy. Brian Howard's guitar building & repair blog: Not your typical Gibson...
  12. B. Howard

    Spray gun set up

    Seems there are always lots of questions about spray finishing and sometimes it can seem like there is a fair amount of voodoo involved but in reality it is a fairly easy and straight forward process. One thing that never seems to get much mention is proper set up of the gun and proper technique...
  13. B. Howard

    Solutions to common spray finish problems

    Here is a link to a handy chart I made that covers solutions to most common problems encountered when spraying finish. Brian Howard's guitar building & repair blog: 2015 ... rt_18.html And while you're there if you haven't already, check out the rest of my blog.
  14. B. Howard

    Orville Les Paul

    Anybody remember these? They only made them for a couple of years. Here is the story of one that was recently in the shop for a new fretboard and some serious finish repairs. Enjoy and thanks for looking.... Brian Howard's guitar building & repair blog: Orville Les Paul
  15. B. Howard

    My lateset build

    I had a nice LP years ago. Literally played it to death.....I really missed that guitar and while I could have easily bought another as professional Luthier I figured I would be just as well off building my own. So here it is. The body is African Mahogany with a Hard Maple cap finished in...
  16. B. Howard

    New blog

    I have started a guitar repair and building blog. As some of you know I write various articles for print and post things in a variety of online forums. This blog is a place where all these things can be easily found. I will continue to write and post as I have and then eventually archive them...
  17. B. Howard

    A severe neck break

    Here is a Gibson with a severely broken neck. This is actually the third time this guitar has fallen and suffered a broken neck. You would think the owner would have bought a stand considering this is his favorite axe. This guitar was sent in from another shop because the severity of the damage...
  18. B. Howard

    Some custom paint.

    Here is a PRS se model I just did a bit of finish work on. It came in as a plain jane black se and I painted it to resemble the PRS Metal series guitars of the late 80's. It's done in a green-gold chameleon pearl.
  19. B. Howard

    Jim's Les Paul

    Here is the project. It’s a Gibson Les Paul, likely from the later 70’s or so. The current owner has owned it for something like 30 years and while he hasn’t played it in a while he has a very sentimental attachment to this particular guitar. He was fully aware of its history and some of its...
  20. B. Howard

    Please allow me to introduce myself....

    My name is Brian Howard, I am a professional Luthier in central PA. I have been playing since I was a a wee boy and been in and out of the guitar building/repair business over the past 30 years.When I was not supporting myself as a Luthier I worked as a custom cabinet and furniture maker, I come...