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  1. Droog

    Gibson Deleted YouTube Videos. Mark Agnesi Fired?

    In what seems yet another recent attempt for Gibson to re invent itself and accidentally pissing off its potential customer base, they've removed all the videos from their Youtube channel and many people are whispering Mark Agnesi has been let go. I'm not an insider and the Agnesi stories might...
  2. Droog

    UFC 207....End of Ronda?

    So last night ( mostly because it wasn't my T.V. and I didn't have to pay for it ) I watched some of UFC 207.... Did Ronda Rousey not learn anything from when she lost her title? I mean, why not just paint a damn bulls eye on your face. If this was her coaches game plan....well that's...
  3. Droog

    Weekend at Bernie's ( Take 2 )

    The Captain returns to Bernie's home for a chat and to check out some of his other ( Non Beast ) Vintage and modern guitars. :shock:
  4. Droog

    For all you animal lovers...literally :shock: Surely this is rock bottom for society. Nice work barf. :shock:
  5. Droog

    NGD 1958 Gibson Les Paul

    ....Junior. Fooled you. :naughty: Love this guitar, probably won't be my last Junior, Damn GAS is back, well here's a few pics anyways. This thing's a blast to play, and a shout out to Ray @ Grinning Elk ( forum member / dealer ) for an easy transaction and answering my...
  6. Droog

    Hey baby it's phil x!!!!! - ngd

    Bought this off a member here, the purchase couldn't have gone smoother. Tip top build quality in these SG1801px's and that pickup is fantastic. Locking grovers, locking bridge, locking tailpiece, a deep top carve, long neck tenon and a throwback volute on the back of the neck...just a really...
  7. Droog

    Heritage H150

    Had this one for a little while now, I like it a lot, Heritage has things going on that's for sure, I might swap the pickups though, they could be better I think. Although it doesn't beat my R8 ( not much I've found does ) I'd encourage anyone interested in a Les Paul to give these a try, it's...
  8. Droog

    WTB Thumbwheels

    Looking for a pair of thumbwheels to go on my R8's stock bridge (ABR-1) posts. Don't have to be vintage/aged or anything fancy just functional. PM if you have some and what you're looking to get for them. Thanks :shock: Oh, willing to pay much, much more if they're the same ones...
  9. Droog

    My New R8

    Well, I finally found the Les Paul for me. I'd been hunting for an R8 for awhile now and finally found the one. It's a limited edition R8 in "Mapleburst" I've seen another one ( there was a run of 75 produced ) on this forum. It even came with a bottle of maple syrup. Tons of figure in the...
  10. Droog

    R8 Differences.

    After playing many Les Paul's lately at various stores and friends places, I think I've settled on what I want as my first Les Paul - an R8. I'm still not sure where I'll buy, but can the members who are a little more in the know tell me the differences between these 3 VOS R8's and also...
  11. Droog

    Slash Signature pulled??

    Has anyone else noticed, or does anyone know why the Slash Signature Epiphone seems to have been pulled from all the online retail sites?? :slash:

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