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  1. unknownfan

    NGD: My Magnum Opus

    Incredible work! I love 920d, their stuff is in all my Gretsches!
  2. unknownfan

    2015 Heavy Aged Historic Select

    Very nice!
  3. unknownfan

    Long leather strap?

    I want one of these! I don't use eBay and that's the only place I've been able to find one...
  4. unknownfan

    NGD: PRS Pauls Guitar SE

    Very nice! I like that a lot
  5. unknownfan

    loose selector switch

    My Classic arrived last week with the selector nut off and laying in the case too... I'm guessing maybe a Friday afternoon when they were put on LOL
  6. unknownfan

    NGD - 2019 LP Classic Honeyburst

    I prefer them covered too, Plan on switching them out at some point once I figure out the preferred PU's to use for a vintage tone. Thanks!
  7. unknownfan

    Show Off Your Les Paul(s)!

    My new Classic - as yet unnamed :)
  8. unknownfan

    NGD - 2019 LP Classic Honeyburst

    Here is the guitar my kids got me as an early Christmas gift. Sorry for delay in getting pics posted. The selector switch nut had come off in the case in transit, but I got it back together most riki tik. It plays good, neck is nice and I will be doing a set up with some heavier strings. Any...
  9. unknownfan

    Soloing Tone Tips for Single Guitar Bands

    Great example of how a good bass line gets it done. Of course when the bassist writes the riff, that always helps :jam:Jonesy is a true master.
  10. unknownfan

    Soloing Tone Tips for Single Guitar Bands

    Having played in a 3pc Rockabilly act with the occasional LZ "tribute" show for several years, I can attest to how much a bassist contributes in these situations. I play better and the sound is better if the bassist is exceptional. Good luck working it out! :jam:
  11. unknownfan

    NGD: 2019 Flying V!

    A beaut!
  12. unknownfan

    NGD| 69' Goldtop

    Very nice, play it in good health!
  13. unknownfan

    new member - Tennessee

    Thanks,! Guitar scheduled to arrive tomorrow, I will get some pics when it gets here and post most Riki tik
  14. unknownfan

    new member - Tennessee

    Here to learn - Thanks for having me :) Been playing mostly Gretsch for the last 2 decades, my son got me a 2019 Gibson LP Classic in Honey Burst (since he said it looks similar to Page's #1 and I'm a big fan) for this upcoming Christmas and figured I could stand to learn from those who know...

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