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  1. Quill

    Tonal recall!

    I said: TONAL RECALL! ~ :applause: :rock: :dude: ~ It's happening. Get ready!
  2. Quill

    Dreaming in reverb

    ill just openly admit that the Spaceman reverb pedal should finally come in a week or two. I'm dying to try it. The Spaceman stuff gets me where I live. I have a cherished few and i-i-I loooooove them .... But there are some other reverb effects that I'm having a lot of trouble not being...
  3. Quill


    are their own reality we are the fleeting electric imagined thing that passes through One excited list of dreaming machines might be Chase Bliss Audio Spaceman Fairfield Circuitry Industrialectric Montreal Assembly Dr Scientist Hologram Red Panda PTD Origin Effects
  4. Quill

    AT LAST!!! (S-type mystery guitar and Callaham content)

    Now I'm not sure where to put all this ... I almost put it in the Fender section, but actually ... well, I could probably fool you but it's not really a Fender and I don't like to play games like that. But ... I have never, not in 40 years of playing, allowed the pleasures of the Stratocaster...
  5. Quill

    F/S: mint Timmy overdrive

    Hi there - anyone interested in a mint Timmy overdrive? Pedals are kind of just a hobby for me; I play mostly acoustic music from the thirties and forties now ... this is a great OD that matched beautifully with my Les Paul, which is now sold ... and there are some fantastic Django remasters...
  6. Quill

    ~ sold ~

  7. Quill

    F/S: Travel Nylon-string collapsible guitar - a real guitar!

    I have here for sale a terrific travel guitar - a collapsible nylon-string guitar that takes literally seconds to set up, and maybe one second to disassemble. You pop the body-tubes in and go. Well - tune up and go, but it's very stable so often it is tune up and go. Pull out the tubes, drop it...
  8. Quill

    Looking for ideas about preamps/buffers/etc. for piezo pickups

    Ladies and Gents, hello, please come help your Quill. I've got a cool new instrument, and it has a piezo pickup built into a floating wooden bridge. Not so different from solid-body electric guitars that have piezos built into the metal bridge. And I'm starting to look around for ways to...
  9. Quill

    F/S: Callaham milled steel ABR-1 with extra saddles

    Hi there! I have a fantastic Callaham steel ABR-1 bridge here for sale. The saddles currently in the bridge have been carefully cut to match the typical Gibson Les Paul fingerboard radius and spacing (this bridge was sometimes installed on my R9, which is now sold, and sometimes on my 335, which...
  10. Quill

    F/S: Skatterbrane BenwaBranes PAF-style humbuckers

    Hi there! Up for sale is my set of BenwaBranes humbuckers. These are like the Skatterbrane Earthbranes set, but with a little more winding on the bridge. It is a smokin' bridge, but with great clarity and depth and strong, tight bass. I will get the DCR values a little later. The pickups come...
  11. Quill

    F/S: Stephens Design Vintage Lab humbucker set

    Greetings! I have for sale an excellent set of PAF-style humbucking pickups. These were made in 2010. The Neck pickup is Dave Stephens's Vintage Lab III, and the bridge is a Vintage Lab II. I'm not sure of the magnets, and I don't think I ever did know what they were ... I'll get the DCR for you...
  12. Quill

    F/S: R9, 2002 Cherryburst

    Thanks for having a look! Here's the guitar, safe and ready at the shop that is handling the sale for me: The asking price for this guitar is USD $3350.00, plus shipping. More pictures and details on Reverb, and the shop can be contacted for more information about this guitar and an...
  13. Quill

    F/S: BiasKing digital cathode current meter for adjusting bias in tube amps

    Greetings, everyone! I have a single-socket BiasKing digital cathode current meter available for sale. I just found it, while cleaning up my parts drawers; I had a 2x6V6 amp and a small collection of different 6V6 tubes, and needed a quick and simple way of setting the bias. This device worked...
  14. Quill

    laptop recording (Apples): how much onboard storage do YOU need?

    Hi there, thanks for taking a look at my thread. I'm not a regular in the recording section ... and I have done a few searches trying to get a sense of what everyone is using but ... the sense I'm hoping to get is eluding me. So ... For those recording with laptops, specifically Apple laptops...
  15. Quill

    Excellent website on modes

    Hey! I saw a link today, posted on a different guitar music forum I look at sometimes, that leads to a very interesting site developed by one James Campin on Modes in Scottish Music - but there is information of very wide application. Of making many websites there is no end ... it would take...
  16. Quill

    FS: DJ Celluloid inlays, historic cut

    Want to change this ... ... to this ... ... but can't justify the list price? Here's your chance to grab a fine, untouched set of Dave Johnson's real celluloid inlays, cut for post-'02/'03 Historics- shipped to you for $65 USD. Paypal gift, please. Using the same light source, here they...
  17. Quill

    Seymour Duncan Customs (SH-5), circa ~1985

    ... maybe 1986. These pickups have seen a lot of gigs. A hot PAF-style wind, about 14kohm DCR, ceramic magnets. A lot like the JB but is clearer and tighter in the low end. Some like the feel of the ceramic magnet, others like to swap it out for an A5. They are potted and handle high volume...
  18. Quill

    Putting the covers back on your humbuckers

    Hey! I saw a question about this, somewhere! Can't find it now, but never mind. I did it! Myself! Tonight! And it really happened, because I have pics! I even tried out a new trick I got from another member - thanks, whoever you were. Which was, to put a strip of electrical tape across the top...
  19. Quill

    F/S: Uncle Lou's Tuner Tips, Dave Johnson Historic-cut Celluloid Inlays

    Greetings, and thank you for your interest. Here they are! Excellent celluloid inlays cut by Dave Johnson from his stock, in the shape and dimensions suitable for 2002 R9 and all Historic models from 2003 and later: $75 USD. Aren't they pretty? Totally going to waste in my parts drawer...
  20. Quill

    Mint Teese RMC3 Wah for sale

    Greetings! I bought this wonderful wah a few years ago, thinking it would have application in a cool little trio I was playing in. Trio scattered, into the closet it went ... UNTIL NOW!!! It's waiting for you. These are $255 USD new; this one, used once and put away, is yours for $160.00 USD...

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