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  1. ThePanda

    NGD: Crews LED-1959 Aged

    Looks like Terada.... Based on the wire route cut, and tenon (shape, rounded tenon corners), and glue. I would go with what Wulf thinks though. Here is my Terada Greco ('89) neck cavity for comparison.
  2. ThePanda

    NGD: Crews LED-1959 Aged

    Could you tell the factory by looking at the tenon and wore route like on the Terada Grecos?
  3. ThePanda

    Greco EGC 1000 Super real pickups

    Posts pictures of the backs of the pickups and also the electronics cavity to see the solder joints.
  4. ThePanda

    PRS McCarty 594 Joe Walsh Limited Edition McCarty Sunburst

    There is a video as well!
  5. ThePanda

    Contact cleaner for pots

    They help. I use Dexoit. Fixed my scratchy pot and pickup switch. StewMac also sells a "kit" that has makes it easier to apply...
  6. ThePanda

    Re-fretting MIJ LPs

    You can also find a Japanese catalog for your year EG800 that may tell you what the fret size is. You can use the Google Translate "Live Camera" Translation to try and decipher what was used or is the equivalent that is sold here.
  7. ThePanda

    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    I can see how people get that impression from watching his videos, but if you watch enough you see he just likes to pick on people a bit in a "give them a hard time" type of way. He always admits when he doesn't know something and if you listen to the banter he is humble. I have heard this...
  8. ThePanda

    Legit LP?

    Nevermind! My bad! Just got caught off guard by the photo! Carry on... Pretty top tho!
  9. ThePanda

    Legit LP?

    I see the same slotted screws... OP run the serial by Gibson or a serial decoder to see if it is 2014...
  10. ThePanda

    Chris Buck bought an EGF1200!

  11. ThePanda

    Chris Buck bought an EGF1200!

    Yeah! I figured he was talking about him during the video!
  12. ThePanda

    Chris Buck bought an EGF1200!

    Before this thread goes south, somewhere in this guitar's history they changed the logo. Does not make it right, but that is just how it happened. Please just appreciate nice playing with a nicely refinished (sans logo) EGF1200 from 1980. Maybe we should help him out and ask him to change it...
  13. ThePanda

    Chris Buck bought an EGF1200!

    Chris Buck bought an 1980 EGF1200 Super Real! Nice to see it's legs being stretched.
  14. ThePanda

    On FedEx vehicle for delivery....Yeah Baby

    Wow what is that?
  15. ThePanda

    1952 Les Paul gold top + 1953(?) Fender Deluxe 5c3...serial number 0008!!

    Glad to see more pics here! Looks awesome!
  16. ThePanda

    Paging the Greco Fellas

    We will be waiting patiently for more pics...
  17. ThePanda

    Paging the Greco Fellas

    I believe I see the veneer line... maybe post another shot like this but closer? I think I see a separation there. Can anyone else check me?
  18. ThePanda

    Paging the Greco Fellas

    Looks legit. Has maple veneer and everything. The tenon and pickup routing says FujiGen. Can you post a picture of the electronics cavity showing the pots and everything? Looks like a great find!
  19. ThePanda

    The Other Single-Cuts Classifieds (read the rules before posting)

    oh my... that rosewood is great!

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