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    The Impact of Guitar Manufacturing on the Environment Some statistics. I've been on one side of this argument. It did create some nice debate on this forum. I won't...
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    Any Partscaster fans out there?

    I finished one recently....and lo and behold, I almost had enough for another guitar! (Only 40 dollars in parts were required!) I haven't taken any photos...yet...but I'm wondering if there are any partscaster folks out there, and are any of these guitars your main players?
  3. The_Sentry

    A great volume pot has more value than great pickups.

    It really does. Think about it....:welcome:
  4. The_Sentry

    I am a Total, and Complete TRAITOR

    I've been playing Strats lately. And I've been digging it. I'm done chasing tone. It's easier just to have a guitar where I can find a spot in the frequency range and be heard. I still pull out the Lesters, but for now it's Strats and Teles. It's a nice change of pace. :D
  5. The_Sentry

    Assumptions made over bands named ____the____

    1. You're Metal 2. All Your Songs are in the same key 3. You employ drop tuning. 4. Cookie Monster is your lead vocalist 5. You play through stacks with the midrange set to 0. 6. You went through a makeup phase in a failed attempt to revive glam rock 7. You're touring with a bunch of other...
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    Tedeschi Trucks Band: The Tiny Desk Concert.

    Super Cool! Tedeschi Trucks Band: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR
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    Cheap, useful Strat mods

    I was going to start this thread for people who have advice on how to improve/upgrade a Strat for little or no money. :wave: Here's a few I have found to be useful: 1. Wiring up a tone control to the Bridge Pickup. There's 2 ways to do can either wire a lead off of the tone...
  8. The_Sentry

    What's the deal with Florida, anyway?

    I'm not kidding about this!! Florida woman arrested for having sex with pet dogs |
  9. The_Sentry

    Mayer vs. Bonamassa: Who's Better?

    This was easily the most annoying thing I could think up. :thumb: Both are the same age. They came up differently, but they're roughly in the same place these days as far as popularity and notoriety. Mayer: Lots of pop songs, intricate chord changes, multiple projects (He just got...
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    Ibanez Vintage Artcores: Has anyone tried one?

    I'm curious. Hollow Body Guitars - Artcore Vintage | Ibanez guitars
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    I'm tired of superhero movies

    I am probably alone in this, but I've really hit a brick wall with these types of movies. When these movies started coming out in the 2000's, I thought they were cool. I read comic books as a kid, and seeing it all on the silver screen like that? Hey, I was impressed. But in the past...
  12. The_Sentry

    Jeff Healey on a Les Paul

    I'm sure this has been posted before...but damn this is good...
  13. The_Sentry

    Capitalism gone awry: How legislation killed the music industry and radio

    Interesting article. An excerpt: Capitalism gone awry: How legislation killed the music industry and radio |
  14. The_Sentry

    I'd rather practice on a cheap guitar

    I don't know if this is weird, but it's definitely something I've had to accept. Don't get me wrong, I have some really nice guitars. Included in that lot is a McCarthy Era Gibson, 2 that were built specifically for me,, 2 custom shop models. And sure, some pricey Gibsons... But you know...
  15. The_Sentry

    I don't mind ceramic pickups

    I really don't, especially if they're single coils. If you get the height adjusted on 'em they're not all that bad.... :D
  16. The_Sentry

    The "Esteban" Effect

    Anyone remember Esteban? That cheesy guy with the bolo hat and the bad flamenco licks who became a household name by hawking guitars on QVC/Home Shopping Network and everywhere else? I was recently watching a performance online from Greg Koch and it hit me.... ..this is how new guitar...
  17. The_Sentry

    50 Shades of Grey: You'll probably end up watching it

    50 Shades of Grey may create a run on whips and handcuffs but does it gives BDSM a bad name? The only reason I say this: it's as close as you're ever gonna get to having your SO sit through a porno movie. :laugh2:
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    Jack Pearson PROVES it's not the guitar that matters!

    I don't know how many people pick up Guitar Player magazine, but this month they did an article on Jack Pearson. Who is he? Arguably the top sessions guy in Nashville (and yes, that IS something in a town full of badass guitar players). What's his guitar of choice? A Squier Bullet with stock...
  19. The_Sentry

    Yet another reason to hate American Idol

    I really cannot stand this show for a myriad of reasons. I think it has really fed into the notion of being able to bypass paying one's dues for a shot at the top. And it has made the discovery of new talent into a game show on TV. Oh, it's true it's long in the tooth now, and it's time...
  20. The_Sentry

    Mike Tyson to pursue music career

    :D Mike Tyson to try his luck in music industry? | Latest News & Gossip on Popular Trends at

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