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  1. mudfinger

    Ain't No Business Like It...

    Show business, that is. Happy new year to all my MLP brothers! I promised a thread on the music business to several of us who were commenting on the recent Kennedy Center event to honor, among others, the Eagles. Dilemma's favorite Country band... Intellectual property is a weird deal...
  2. mudfinger

    Mad Men Marathon

    AMC rebroadcast every episode of the series as a leadin to the finale. Just finished "The Benefactor", Season 2, Episode 3. One of my all-time favorite scenes between Don, and the comic's wife. :naughty:
  3. mudfinger

    Studio In A Box: A New Use For Shipping Containers

    This subject has been on my mind for a while now, the re-use of old shipping containers for architectural use. I first saw this idea on the Internet, and have since come across a handful of homes built this way. I love it! They're incredibly cheap compared to traditional building methods...
  4. mudfinger

    Classical Chauvinism

    Having been trained, twice now, as a Classical singer...once 35 years ago, and again just a couple years back, I was very pleased to see a marked shift amongst my professors towards acknowledging the equanimity of various traditions with European art music. But, there are still some who...
  5. mudfinger

    You want interesting? Sure, we got that.

    Here's what I look like after I beat the snot out of four punks who think they can topple Mudfinger. Were they German? Not this time. :thumb: Hey, I don't want to get political and such, but if I can walk away from four attackers, victorious, what does that say about those with guns and...
  6. mudfinger

    Tech help! Free solutions for editing video?

    Good times, good times! Got some regular gigs going, more to come... Been taking video occasionally, but I'm busy playing and such during the sets, so these things are like, an hour long. Too long for YouTube! I need something that can cut them up into songs, and I'm broke as a joke...
  7. mudfinger

    Manhattan: A show worth watching

    My tender soul has been adrift after the series finale of Breaking Bad. Manhattan is the first show since to really hold my attention. Anyone else enjoying it?
  8. mudfinger

    LIVE BLUES in LONG BEACH, CA! Help Wanted...

    Good times, good times! I usually reserve this sorta thing for the thread, but we have a gig this Friday in a great venue, and I would really love to see some of you guys there. A sort of "SoCal MLP mini-meet", if...
  9. mudfinger

    Technical assistance needed! Converting Word to Jpg?

    I'm a technotard, no doubt about it. I made a flyer template in Word, 11"x17". But I have NO IDEA how to make it into a full-size jpeg... I was able to use "Printscreen" and then open up the file in Paint, but now it's tiny! :laugh2: The promoter wants a copy of the flyer for their...
  10. mudfinger

    Litmus Test

    This one is for anyone who plays out. My band, listed in my sig, finished our demo a couple weeks back; we've already hit 38 venues, with another 15 in our sights next week. Most of the venues appreciated an in-person visit, and it certainly allowed us to assess the clubs, as well; we walked...
  11. mudfinger

    Man vs. Rabbit.

    :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: James Wertz Punched Rabbit During Fight About Women's Rights: Cops
  12. mudfinger

    For California MLP Members...

    Occasionally, our government does something cool. :shock: The legislature passed a law offering us the chance to resurrect license plates of old. Necro plates! :dude: The black-and-yellow plate is officially resurrected. :D My favorite, the blue-and-yellow, has a ways to go yet before...
  13. mudfinger

    Farewell, my friends, though we walked for many a mile together...

    It had to happen sooner or later, I spose. And, it was a good run while it lasted. Well, a good walk, running always sucked with you. :( Yes, those are Grolsch washers. Not just for straplocks, anymore! :laugh2:
  14. mudfinger


    You guys are a fantastic bunch of ruffians, scallywags, slackjaws, and curmudgeons. Much respect for the MLP brotherhood. :dude: Some of my best friends around here are guys that I met (virtually speaking...) as a result of one argument or another. I'm like that, I don't think twice about...
  15. mudfinger

    How to cope with PABS.

    What's PABS, you ask? It's just one of the many causes of BRFS. What's BRFS, you ask? Here's your PSA: ORIGINAL VIDEO - Bitchy Resting Face - YouTube PABS, however, is always the result of a person with BRFS who actually is a ****in' bitch. PABS stands for Passive Aggressive Bitch...
  16. mudfinger


    I have not a single wikipedia entry. Neither does Malikon. I don't care if you hate us or love us, show some repect, at least for Mal. Fix this shit now, MLP. You have the power. :thumb:
  17. mudfinger


    I'm not one for kissing ass by a long shot. But I am one to call it like I see it. I've always just kinda gotten along with Vic/LZF, and I like the way he handles the business of moderating this forum. he was a mod when I signed up, so far as I can remember, and he's been a very steady...
  18. mudfinger

    Earthquake in SoCal...right now!

    Another nice one, what I call a roller, started less than a minute ago, still getting the occasional wobble. Better than any amusement park ride. :thumb:
  19. mudfinger

    The end of an era. NSD?

    I love me some camping. Been into it since I was a pup. Everything from sleeping on improvised bedrolls and eating out of cans, to full-on RV setups with a freakin' TV in the vehicle. :laugh2: I always preferred the less extravagant accomodations; my outdoor rig for the past 14 years has been...
  20. mudfinger

    FS: Rude Mood #005, the "Lefty Phillips Special"

    Here she is, The Lefty Phillips Special. The 5th Rude Mood ever built. This particular specimen is unique for a couple of reasons. First, it has the black tolex and wheat grille, which is unique amongst Rude Moods. Second, the speakers in the extension cabinet are mounted high in the...

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