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  1. f33db4k

    Jcm 800.

    Thinking about making a JCM 800 :shock: To me, even though i don't have much electrical skills, it didn't look entirely impossible for myself. :hmm: If that makes sense. One question, if you had a switcher box with leads plugged into the HI and LO inputs of this amp, would that work as a...
  2. f33db4k

    Just Wondering.

    If i wanted to start an amp company(not saying I do) Just if i did, are there people out there i can pay to help me design and make amps for the company and they are employed or whatever. Cause I have no clue about amps. Just ideas. :shock:
  3. f33db4k

    How to measure the K?

    You know when they say for pickups, that the level of resistence is, for example 8.7K, How do i measure that, is it the level of DC resistence or what? and can i measure it with one of these?
  4. f33db4k

    Needs Helps

    Please Read!:shock:Please Help me with this.
  5. f33db4k

    A new combo, just hold the fries.

    So i was thinking of getting a new tube amp. What i want it to do is sound great, have at least a 1x12" speaker, fit in with my current setup and be under $1000. I was thinking, Peavey Valveking 112, Orange Tiny Terror Combo, Marshall MA50XT Vox VT50 Any ideas? I play metal, rock...
  6. f33db4k

    Hmm, any ideas?

    I have EpiActive pickups in my guitar that came stock, i am planning to sell them, and i know someone who wants to buy, but we haven't decided on a price yet, I say 150-200 NZ for the pair, my bro says they're crap stock pickups, but i disagree and think my price would be fair, considering, 1...
  7. f33db4k

    Will this get me into bad habits?

    :hmm: Well about 3-4 days ago while peeling potatoes i peeled the tip off my left hand first finger,rendering it useless to play guitar apart from barres. Since that time i had to do a guitar performance for school(only chords thank god) I managed it just playing power chords with second and...
  8. f33db4k

    Man I'm Dumb

    I never realized this till someone told me today, that the Treble position on a LP refers to the bridge pickup and Rhythm refers to the neck, i always thought it was the other way around oh well.:shock:
  9. f33db4k

    Crazy... But that's how it goes.

    Well i thought i'd be a little crazy and try and build my own guitar. I'm really relaxed about this and am trying to spend as little money as possible only focussing really on the hardware as to where the money goes. So I've decided to make it out of 2 sheets of 25mm plywood! :shock: I have...
  10. f33db4k

    WHO is Corey?

    I hear his name evrywhere but i have no idea who he is can someone enlighten me?
  11. f33db4k

    Thinking of Changing?

    I'm thinking of changing my active pickups to passive ones. I have 500K pots already in my guitar, what other things do I need to change when i get my passives? Included is a picture of the cavity. I'm new to this. So I have no idea what any of this wiring is or does.
  12. f33db4k

    What Pickup?

    I have EpiActive active pickups in my EPI, they sound sweet but the batteries run outs quickly, so I'm thinking of getting a set of passive black pickups, I'm thinking Q-tuner, any other suggestions, I play rock/metal and love pinches.
  13. f33db4k

    I know this sounds n00b, but...

    I see everyone posts picture in posts and everyone can see them. But when I upload a picture and post it they don't turn out. They just have a link to it. I know this probably should't be in Epiphone Les Pauls but hey.
  14. f33db4k

    AHB-2 Pickup Question?

    Are there any pickups that look similar to SD AHB-2's and have the high output, but sound better in your opinion? Please don't suggest EMG's.
  15. f33db4k

    Sexy 12th fret Marker

    :D Sorry about the thread name but how else do I grab people's attention :laugh2: Here are some pictures of my week old beauty. Enjoy. BTW this is how the guitar was made Grover Tuners and all. and the Epiphone stamp on the headstock is my profile avatar.:D
  16. f33db4k

    Metal? Anyone?

    Hey just a question I had, do any folks on these forums happen to play metal with their LP's? Cause I don't think its a common thing. I mean when I think of an LP I think Slash :slash: and Jimmy Page, you know, rock to hard rock none of this metal stuff. Well I am a metal player for one...
  17. f33db4k

    Is this Rare?

    I bought this Epiphone les Paul studio today and wondered whether it was rare. Couldn't find any information on it but 1 picture from this forum. Here is the link to a thread that has my pics of it.

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