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  1. Mr Insane

    Will the Helix LT fit in the Headrush backpack?

    A backpack would make transporting my Helix to-and-from easier. But I am a cheapskate and am not paying $170 for the Helix backpack. The Headrush backpack is $99. Will the Helix LT fit in it alright?
  2. Mr Insane

    NGD - LTD EC-256

    I debated whether to post this here or The Other Guitar's section, but I'd say the body shape annoys Gibson enough and you guys in this section are cooler to talk with anyway. I was starting to want a cheaper humbucker guitar for gigs when I didn't want to worry about bringing my Gibson. An LTD...
  3. Mr Insane

    New microphone day (Presonus PD-70)

    Last week I asked my Sweetwater Sales rep about mics for voice overs. He recommended the Presonus PD-70 for my budget. It's a clone of the Shure Sm7b. Recorded a quick guitar riff of it, definitely reminds me of guitar tones using a Sm7b.
  4. Mr Insane

    Rediscovered this holy grail of guitar tone...

    Imagine that into a Crate practice amp. I woud have been trying to get a punk rock tone, but it probably ended up as fizzy twang.
  5. Mr Insane

    Wood stain not holding on fretboard

    The rosewood fretboard on my LP was too light for my taste. I have tried staining it a couple times, but after time and playing, the stain won't hold. Last time I treated the fretboard to get excess oil off, did a little light sandpapering per the dyes instructions. But you can still see where...
  6. Mr Insane

    Helix Firmware 3.0 coming(sometime)

    Just watched a Facebook video where the lead Helix casually mentioned firmware 3.0 is coming. *Note:the following is just what I think might be coming after a quick search. In no way is this to be taken as definitive. After doing some searching on the interwebs, some POSSIBLE updates include...
  7. Mr Insane

    My Russian Airforce pin/medal

    When I was just a young lad, I was taken to some sort of documentary movie screening about a Russian pilot in the cold war. I don't remember a single thing about it, maybe he was shot down by the US or deffected to the US. After, my mom bought me a tiny pin or medal from the collection that...
  8. Mr Insane

    Half hearted question on best way to age/relic

    *edit: I made the call and am having the top refinished. Repeat:the guitar is being refinished as you are about to "type just play it" or "drag it across a road" My 2006 Gibson LP Standard is in player's grade condition. As such, the part of the body where my arm rests has an ugly haze/fade...
  9. Mr Insane

    Interesting Les Paul I found

    Found this on reverb, think I might ask BCRgreg to make my LP look like this:
  10. Mr Insane

    Let's talk Ownhammer vs. Celestion IRs

    Mods: please move to the Amp Modeling Sub section, I miss-posted this Helix user here that is undecided between Ownhammer and Celestion IRs. I have a few from both camps. Ownhammer IRs usually have a great cab feel and low end definition, but in some cases can be a little "honky" in the mid...
  11. Mr Insane

    Should I be suspicious of this potential buyer?

    I listed an amp on Facebook market place. Past few days have been back and forth at random times with one potential buyer. He asked for a phone number, we talked a little bit over phone. Said he just played at home mostly, but started jamming with some other people and needs an amp. Asked...
  12. Mr Insane

    '70s SG

    For not being a Gibson dealer, my local shop gets some cools gems. Currently they have a cherry red 1969 335, a mid '70s LP that...let's just is the definition of a boat anchor. Their latest acquisition is this early '70s SG Not much of it is stock. Refinished paint, new tuners, Seymour...
  13. Mr Insane

    Tips/Suggestions for staining Rosewood fretboard?

    Just did my 2nd attempt at staining my Les Paul's fretboard. First time, I thought it looked great, but apparently both the stain didn't really absorb into the wood and I didn't wipe all the excess off. So it would just wear off during playing. Figured my problem was the oil on the board. So...
  14. Mr Insane

    Anyone have a Stewmac 335 kit?

    I just found out stewmac has a few guitar kits available. The LP styles are a little funny looking to me. But the 335 looks like it would be a cool summer project...
  15. Mr Insane

    In defense of Sweetwater

    A couple weeks back someone posted a thread about not being happy with Sweetwater. In the spirit of fairness, I'd like to share my recent experience with them. (Die hard anti-modeling tube amp purists are free to skip this thread) I was jamming along with my Helix LT and using the wah pedal...
  16. Mr Insane

    Song I mixed "The Owl Song" by Me and the City

    "The Owl Song" by Me and the City Produced and Recorded by Warren Huart(Areosmith, The Fray, Red Hot Chili Peppers) Listen to The Owl Song (J Harder Mix) by Jachin Harder on #SoundCloud Produce Like a Pro releases free multitracks to upcoming mixers and proucers to perfect their craft on...
  17. Mr Insane

    "Interesting" guitar gear names...

    Guitar players naming gear can lead to interesting product names... Friedman Pink Taco Friedman Brown Eye Big Muff Swollen Pickle Catalinbread Merkin Zvex Super Hard On
  18. Mr Insane

    Fake Duesenberg

    No logo. No serial number. The side has wear and some poor paint. The employees are playing dumb on it Plays and sounds okay. But I didn't know these were being faked
  19. Mr Insane

    Do worn frets cause tuning issues?

    My Les Paul developed tuning issues lately. If I even think about bending a note on the g string, it will go out of tune. Looking at my frets, they have got wear. G string, 2nd fret in particular has a very noticeable "dent" Are worn frets the culprit for this new tuning issue?
  20. Mr Insane

    Anybody remember Gibson's attempted Hendrix Strat?

    I remember like it was yesterday. Gibson announced they were going to do a signature line of Hendrix guitars. We had high hopes it would be his Flying V or maybe the white SG he occasionally played. Then Gibson showed the was a freaken beginner Strat rip-off. We all mocked...

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