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  1. Brian Krashpad

    What guitars did you buy in the past 12 months?

    Just one. First guitar I bought in three years. Gretsch Pro Jet. Christmas pressie to myself.
  2. Brian Krashpad

    What is your "Beater Guitar"

    Hmm, my beater guitar is definitely not a Gibson Les Paul, sorry. Even my Epi LPs I would not consider beaters, although with scarf neck-to-headstock joints they're definitely more durable than Gibsons. For me , no setneck guitar could ever be my beater. That role, at a minimum, could only be...
  3. Brian Krashpad

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    Funny thing about that wighat. After soundcheck, I went to a bar two doors down (the venue we were playing wasn't open to the public yet that night, and there was no way to get a beer), and, at said bar two doors down, a woman actually hit on me wearing that ridiculous thing. And no, I did not...
  4. Brian Krashpad

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    Haha, but what about wighats! Who am I kiddin', though? That nerf cowboy hat probably cost at least a dollar more than my $9 "surfer dude" wighat! Excuse the non-Les Pauls.
  5. Brian Krashpad

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    Angst? Or only blinking? Bo says Bump!
  6. Brian Krashpad

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    Zoinks. Living in Florida, it's not like I never see people barefoot on stage. But given the number of people who've gotten electrocuted over the years, it always makes me cringe.
  7. Brian Krashpad

    Show Off Your Les Paul!

    Here are the two Epiphone Les Pauls. (I no longer have the Epi LP Junior posted back in 2016, which was prior to me acquiring these two.) I also have four Gibson LPs.
  8. Brian Krashpad

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    No pain, no gain! ;)
  9. Brian Krashpad

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    They're sisters! Mine is also a '97.
  10. Brian Krashpad

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    With the Studio Doublecut.
  11. Brian Krashpad

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    There are no wrong notes, only jazz.
  12. Brian Krashpad

    Ha Ha!! Post your LesPaul "Guitar Face"

    Oh man, I've got dozens of these, haha! (A very very long time ago I realized that, since I don't gig every weekend like some folks do, I'd want to remember the gigs I did have later on, and that they all tended to blur into each other over time. So I try to get someone to take snaps at...
  13. Brian Krashpad

    NOGD 1959 Double Cut Special TV Yellow

    ¡Felicidades! :thumb:
  14. Brian Krashpad

    show your entire collection in one photo

    Zombie thread revived! Closest one to a single photo is missing the additional one I got myself for Christmas 2020: After I took the above photo (summer 2020) I added a goldtop Pro Jet. It's in this updated collage (the checkerboard one seen above is not included as it's really just wall...
  15. Brian Krashpad

    Les Pauls you’ve SOLD? And why?

    I was gonna say I've sold two. But that's just Gibsons. If you include Epiphones, I've sold four. The Epiphones are an easy explanation. They were both Juniors. I eventually decided that even with a tone control, a Junior was too limiting in a live situation, so I sold them. Both the...
  16. Brian Krashpad

    Show some of your Marshall Amps(stock or modded or Clones)

    For a long time (after a short experiment with a more modern solid state head in the early aughts, which head I quickly sold), all my Marshalls were combo solid states from the '80s, eventually totaling four: Marshall 5002 20W solid state 80's 1x10; Marshall 5210 50W solid state 1x12 combo...
  17. Brian Krashpad

    Who also plays bass?

    I've been the bassist in several bands. In a couple of those we had different membership configurations over time, and depending on the total number I would either be the lead player (with 4 or 5 members) or the bassist (trio). It's its own thing and is a lot of fun so long as you don't expect...

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