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    Win an Orange Crush 20RT: Supporting Member Giveaway

    We have updated our supporting member options. And to promote this we are holding a special giveaway. All Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Double Platinum members will be entered into the drawing for an Orange Crush 20RT 1x8" 20-watt Combo Amp Silver Members will receive 1 entry, Gold 2 entries...
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    Supporting Member Housekeeping

    We now have 4 supporting memberships. We made this change in November, but had some additional changes to make that are all done. Silver $15 per year * Silver badge * Ad Free * 1 gig media storage * This was formerly Premium Member. It used to have ads. Now we have removed ads. If you purchased...
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    MLP Giveaway $50 Chicago Music Gift Card - Showcase/Review your gear!

    Hi Folks. As you may have seen, we added a new Showcase and Reviews section to Our goal is that you'll use the section to showcase and review your own gear, creating a fun and valuable resource for the community. In an effort to promote the section and gain your feedback, we are...
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    New Showcase and Reviews Section Open

    Hey Folks. Rob here from the administration staff. We added a new section here that I hope you enjoy and use. It is a place for you to share your gear and review it. In the navigation you will see a link that says Showcase. Here is a direct link to the section...
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    Tutorial: How to Showcase and Review Your Gear!

    Go here There is also a tab that says "Showcase" in the navigation. There are two separate steps. First you can add an item. Then you can rate/review that item. Adding an Item From the showcase page, click the Add Item button. If you are on a specific...
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    New Showcase and reviews section coming!

    Stay tuned to this forum for more info.
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    Win an LP! 2018 Fundraiser Giveaway

    The 2nd annual MLP Fundraiser giveaway is up and running. Upgrade your account today to a Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Double Platinum supporting membership. You will be eligible to win a Les Paul Junior in Vintage Sunburst. For full details go to...
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    Announcing the 2018 LP Faded Winner of the Fundraiser Giveaway

    Thanks to all who participated in our fundraiser and giveaway! We have drawn the winner! The winner is @firefighter2711 Brian Lena...Brian has been a member here since 2011...with one post :shock: . A lurker won! How dare he. Brian waited until the last minute and upgraded to a Platinum...

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