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  1. loneguitar

    OGD: 1958 Gibson Byrdland

    Reminds me of Hank Garland's first Byrdland that he designed for Gibson along with Billy Byrd excellent
  2. loneguitar

    Proof Of Guitar Collection!

    You are a very lucky man, very nice collection thanks for sharing with us
  3. loneguitar

    What's the "T" stand for?

    Traditional Tone
  4. loneguitar

    Would you buy an LP Custom without paperwork?

    Not at all unless it can be verified from Gibson
  5. loneguitar

    NGD! Gibson ES-345 '64 VOS Seafoam Green

    Absolutely gorgeous my heart still years for a 345 enjoy yours. And Congrats
  6. loneguitar

    NGD 2011 Gibson ES 335

    Congrats, she's a real looker. Welcome to the club.
  7. loneguitar

    Interesting article on Gibson's rating from Moody's

    Not sure if this has been discussed but it looks like Henry is in deep **** financially you decide here's a link
  8. loneguitar

    Does Memphis get a bad wrap?

    No complaints with either my 335 or 345 Love 'em.
  9. loneguitar

    Happy Belated Burstday...UPDATED WITH DETAILED PICS!!!!!

    Simply beautiful, play her in good health and congrats.
  10. loneguitar

    HNGD - Gibson ES-335 Lemon Burst

    I was reserved at first lemon burst isn't my cup of tea but your 335 rocks and swayed my way of thinking she is beautiful. and a great deal too, congrats and HNGD
  11. loneguitar

    Les Paul vs ES-335 (ES-345

    Got both myself, and they are my go to guitars, there are others I play but, none compare to these 2.
  12. loneguitar

    NGD! 2015 ES-335TD '63 Reissue VOS

    Congrats and HNGD I love mine and that is one sweet looking lady. Enjoy.
  13. loneguitar

    Ngd - 64' es-345 td

    That's at the top of my list for my next lady, you've got one sweet looking 345 there son, and she sounds to you as good as she looks you're golden HNGD
  14. loneguitar

    NDG Pelham 2012 Trad Pro

    Sweet HNGD
  15. loneguitar

    NGD : 2016 Faded studio T

    If she plays as sweet as she looks yall have a keeper. HNGD
  16. loneguitar

    Awesome wife appreciation thread

    Yall battin' a thou bro, great wife with great tastes in guitars, you're a lucky man.
  17. loneguitar

    NGD Nite

    Sweet, congrats on your new guitar. love the flame.
  18. loneguitar

    How y'all doing? New member

    Welcome aboard, enjoy the madness!
  19. loneguitar

    Happy NGD to me - 2013 Traditional

    Sweet little lady there congrats
  20. loneguitar

    [NGD] 2003 Les Paul Special Faded Doublecut!

    Cider, if she plays as good as she looks yall have a keeper, HNGD

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