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  1. Brian Krashpad

    TP & HBs/Ric content

    Been wanting to do this for awhile.
  2. Brian Krashpad

    I did a(n actual Strat repair) thing!

    I only have one Strat. Not really a Strat guy, but everyone should have one, so I do! But at any rate this Strat, Coco, had been in a gigbag, and had somehow got knocked into something hard enough to break the nut, chipping off the bit outside the low E string, rendering it unplayable. Given...
  3. Brian Krashpad

    I did a (minor cosmetic mod) thing

    I did a thing! For Gibsunday Eve. This Gibson SGJ came with 490 pickups with weird black plastic covers, which are infamously difficult, if not impossible, to remove. They looked like EMGs, ugh (stock photo): So I bought Bobbin Toppers, to give the appearance of open coils. Slapped 'em right...
  4. Brian Krashpad

    Updated collage family photo

    Finally updated the "collage" group shot to put Gretchen (the goldtop Pro Jet I got myself for Christmas 2020) in with her sistahs. I should probably re-do the whole thing from scratch, so the background matches better. But that'd be a sh*t-ton of work! Any questions gladly answered (too lazy...
  5. Brian Krashpad

    Merry Hanukkah and Happy Christmas

    ... to ME! First "new" guitar in over 3 years! Gretsch G5438 Electromatic Pro Jet. Yay and thank you sweet baby Jesus and all the Macabees. My first goldtop! xo, Krash
  6. Brian Krashpad

    N A D: Oops I did it again (+ ridiculous Marshall Stack photo)

    By the weirdest of coincidences, a batch of the old '80s Model 5xxx Series solid state Marshall combos have come up for sale locally over the last 6 or 7 years, all from different sellers. So I currently have four of the boogers. They're just so affordable that I can't resist, and they...
  7. Brian Krashpad

    All my gear together for the first time in 8 years!

    Here's the lot. Have fun kids. Any questions gladly answered.
  8. Brian Krashpad

    NAD Oops I did it again

    '80s solid state Marshall combos keep falling into my lap for stupid cheap dosh. The latest, picked up Monday, is this Model 5213 "MOS-FET 100 Reverb Twin:" Here he is with his little brothers: The other three, from top: 20W (Model 5002), 75W (Model 5275), 50W (Model 5210). The Lead 20 is...
  9. Brian Krashpad

    Oops I did it again

    Old ('80s) Marshall "JCM 800" combo solid state series amps keep coming up locally for chump change. I got the latest, a 75W two-channel 1x12', "75 Reverb" model 5275, for $190 with a non-original two-button foot pedal: The other two I have are a 20W 1x10" single channel "Lead 20" model...
  10. Brian Krashpad

    NGD: Deluxe!

    Merry Krashmass to me.
  11. Brian Krashpad

    Possible NGD on horizon

    I'm seriously considering this. I think I can get it for $225 USD, w/super clean Epi hsc (which of course I would cover in stickers). Do I need it? No hell no. I already have a Gibby LP Special in matte black, a cherry doublecut Hamer Special, and a sunburst Epi Junior (not the $99...
  12. Brian Krashpad

    NGD: Epi Les Paul Junior (not the one you think)

    Belated Happy Birfday/New Guitar Day to me! Epiphone "'57 Reissue" Limited Edition Custom Shop Les Paul Junior. Came with a P-100 and a plain wrap bridge, but has been upgraded by seller (a friend on our local scene) with a Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90, intonatable bridge, gold knobs and...
  13. Brian Krashpad


    New Knobs Day! A few weeks ago I picked up an old Marshall 5210 combo for peanuts, partly because I live in a buyer's market, and partly because it was missing a bunch of knobs. So I ordered replacement knobs, and they finally arrived from the Far East today. Of the five new knobs, one was...
  14. Brian Krashpad


    New (Old) Amp Day So, even though I'm broke, this deal was too good to pass up. It's a Marshall 5210 1x12 50W combo amp. '80's solid state, pre-"Valvestate" and pre-"AVT." Picked up for peanuts. New knobs on order. For now, my Fender two-button footswitch works to change the channels. Will...
  15. Brian Krashpad

    Super Cheapo NGD!

    This is actually the least I've ever spent on a guitar, including going back to the '70's when dollars went further. I won't say exactly how much, but let's just say it did not break triple figures. I figure I can always resell later and can't lose money. In fact, very possible that I could...
  16. Brian Krashpad

    NGD (Strat)

    I picked this up last night. Certainly from a "list price" standpoint, the nicest Strat I've owned. Spaghetti logo, maple board, two-color burst, and vintage tuners indicates it's the "Fender Classic Player '50s Stratocaster." Though advertised on craigslist as simply a "Mexican Strat." And...
  17. Brian Krashpad


    Haven't owned a Marshall in a lonnng time. This is just a baby, but screams pretty loud. Pre-AVT 80s solid state with original 10" Celestion G10L-35. Sounds surprisingly great with the gain dimed. Happy Christmas to me!
  18. Brian Krashpad

    Played last night with my main band

    For the first time in months. New drummer and our former bassist sitting in for current one (who had a gig with his commercially viable band), so it was a bit messy, but hey that's punk rock. We did two new songs that were particularly shambolic, but I can tell they'll actually be good and...
  19. Brian Krashpad

    Like ZOIKS! (2nd) NGD/Battle of the Cheapie Strats!

    So a few weeks ago I bought a cheapie Squier Standard Strat. Rosewood board, big headstock, 2-point trem. Blonde w/tort guard and white pups/knobs, agathis body, alnico pickups. For a Benjamin, but also included a gigbag and a Kustom 12A hybrid practice amp. I'd been Stratless for a year...
  20. Brian Krashpad

    My rig last night

    Amp is a mic'd Super Champ XD. I played the Fernandes Ravelle Deluxe for the whole set, except for one song on mandolin, during which I managed to break the strap before I played a note. Caught it and played without incident though. Guitar at front is the Fernandes Ravelle Deluxe, behind is...

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