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    Just saying G'day

    Been a while my friends. Many new peeps, but still many of the same tossers. All is well with pinks, just a change of job and life in general. I hope you are all well, rippin up the strings and not just sanding your geeetars to make out you play em. Fark you all from down under :D

    Guitarforce LOTB neck pickup.

    Raw cover, as pictured on the left. $80 Aust, shipped worldwide.

    First snake at Pinky's house.

    Let me start by saying. I ****ing hate snakes. Very interesting critter but scare the absolute shite out of me. We moved a few months ago out to 5 acres on the edge of town. Beautiful spot, but of course more bushland, more bitey's. I was strolling along the front veranda of the house to...

    Slider's handwound Tele pickups with 70's wire

    This kills me, it really does. My wonderful Slider's No Caster pickups. The bridge wound with 70's wire. Specs below. Tele '52 Bridge, to the following specifications (Approx 8.10k) - Black vulcanized fiber "forbon" bobbins - AlNiCo 3 poles, Flush heights - 1971 NOS...

    Why don't you 'thank' threads?

    A few posts got me thinking yesterday. If I read a thread I like, for what ever the reason maybe, I 'thank' the OP for posting. Why don't many of the members here do the same? Don't know how to? Just an arsehole? :laugh2:

    Why I like MLP.

    I've met some really cool people that I call my friends. Even though I will most likely never meet them. Yes, even John Vasco. :cool: I've had some people do some really cool things for me and be very generous. I've had some epic battles and have made friends in the process. I've had some...

    57 custom wiring?

    Read this on the Lollar website. Apparently provided by Peter Stroud? Any of you guys ever heard of it? Does it differ from regular 50's? Did a bit of a search and can't find any diagrams of it.

    Welcome back FrankieOliver!

    Glad to hear you're doing ok and back at MLP. As I said in my PM. I must not have many friends here, cause I missed having you around :laugh2: :thumb:

    Going to shout my Step Father a flight.

    In a Red Bull stunt plane :laugh2: Aerobatics Flight Sydney, Red Bull Stunt Plane, 30 Minutes - Adrenalin He's a top bloke and has been doing a mile of work on our new house. He's a bloody machine and always willing to help no matter what the problem. To me he is my Dad. My biological...

    p90's in a Strat?

    I'm thinking about doing something different with my old Strat. A dual p90 setup. Anyone ever give this a go? Played a Strat with P90's? I've got a nice Tele, Les Paul. Just looking to try something different. Any suggestions, advice appreciated. :thumb:

    Happy Birthday Mr Leumas!

    :thumb: I hope you get one my friend. :dude: :dude: :dude: :dude:

    5 years ago today my life changed.

    When my little girl Ash was born. Happy Birthday Darlin.

    G'day, I missed you lads.

    Yes, I did. Which is sad isn't it :shock: :laugh2: Nice to be back after a couple of weeks holiday at the coast. Hope all is well with you tossers :thumb: :cool:

    Henry, for F**K sake man, just stop it!

    Stop coming out with these rubbish concept guitars. No one wants them! :rolleyes: You are making a mockery of the Gibson name and generally embarrassing yourself. Just make great Lesters, SG's, Juniors etc with quality woods and electronics. Have them finished and set up 'PROPERLY'...

    Well, that's it. I'm outa here!

    At the end of the week I'm on Holiday :applause: :dude: Taking the family up to Rainbow Beach. rainbow beach - Google Maps A group of us are all staying together in holiday houses. Old mates of ours are renewing their wedding vows, which I am doing :shock: and also having a...

    Skatterbrane BenWabranes. I think I'll try em.

    I've been wanting to try a set of Skatterbranes for sometime and thought stuff it. I will. So after more research and some discussion with Rod, I've orderd a set of BenWabranes. BenWabrane - Handwound vintage P.A.F. Custom humbuckers Now I LOVE my Guitarforce pickups. I just really wanted...

    Metallica at Bris Vegas Saturday night.

    They were great :dude: :applause: Put on an excellent show and played a great variety of tunes from "Kill Em All" to the current Album. We had great seats. Second row, just off to the side. I'd say 20 metres or so from the stage. One thing that got to me though. Their sound was not jaw...

    Wife jokes.

    Your wife is yelling at the front door. Your dog is barking at the back door. Which one do you let in first? Your dog. At least he'll shut up once you've let him in. :D


    One of Australia's all time great bands with IMO one of the worlds all time great singers in Michael Hutchence.

    Greatest Telecaster Solo's or Songs.

    One of my favorites. Great tone and a fantastic solo done on the humble but awesome Tele :thumb:

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