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  1. SlingBlader

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    It's actually a 3/8", so 3/16" radius. These pickups are the Golden Age from StewMac and have the tight radius corners... not sure if that is an import thing or not, but not vintage correct for sure.
  2. SlingBlader

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    I finally managed to get the pickup cavities routed yesterday. Here are a few shots from that process. I matched the template to the neck angle. Primary routes completed. I routed the secondary routes "flat". I didn't feel like this would make any difference and I was paranoid about being...
  3. SlingBlader

    New build. Single cut design.

    Im not sure that I’ve ever heard of that. Is that actually a real thing, or just something that is said by people with “ golden ears”? Personally, if the color is good and the bone is good quality (no soft spots), I’d install it and not give it a second thought. :)
  4. SlingBlader

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    Thanks! Glad that you're enjoying it. :thumb:
  5. SlingBlader

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    Yeah, I've had a few of those myself... trying to break that pattern, but it's tough! I have a few more that I really want to get in the queue, a couple of basses and a couple of Teles.
  6. SlingBlader

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    Thanks, I appreciate it! I'm really looking forward to wrapping it up this spring. It's been dragging on too long! (like all of my builds)
  7. SlingBlader

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    The nut is a black Tusq blank. The bridge is the StewMac low profile wraparound.
  8. SlingBlader

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    A small amount of progress to report. Installed the tuners. These are TonePros Klusons. Got the nut fitted, roughly shaped and roughly slotted. Aligned the bridge and marked the stud locations. This is the low profile wraparound from StewMac. I wanted to mount it perpendicular, so I...
  9. SlingBlader

    New build. Single cut design.

    Chris, I literally have no words. I'm just so sorry. If there is anything that I can do, just let me know.
  10. SlingBlader

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    A quick update today. I decided it was time to glue in the neck. I sanded all the spots that would be hard reach later. I also gave the top a thorough sanding. Glued the neck in with HHG.
  11. SlingBlader

    Profiling the back of the neck...

    There are always these... but you'll need to either trim away some material ahead of routing, or you'll need a very heavy duty router in a table or a shaper. An overhead pin router could potentially work as well... certainly handheld routing would be out of the question...
  12. SlingBlader

    My 'Liberace' build

    Yeah, that's looking killer. The pickups and hardware will really bring it together, can't wait to see it! :thumb:
  13. SlingBlader

    Les Paul Special DC Inspired Build

    Wow, it's been a while since I've updated this thread! I finished up the neck carve and got it as close as I could before it gets joined to the body. It feels really nice and I'm happy with the profile. The next step was to get the neck fretted, but I needed to straighten the neck before I...
  14. SlingBlader

    Fretboards - what do you suppose I have here?

    I'm not sure what those are, but here is a picture of Madagascar rosewood for reference. To me it does not bear a striking resemblance to the boards in question. Of course the picture shows QS and the OP has FS boards.
  15. SlingBlader

    Opinions on glue

    I tend to use whatever glue is appropriate for the job. I do shy away from PVA type glues anytime there is a visible seam involved, due to the inevitable creep of PVA glues. If I need long open times, I use either liquid hide glue or UF glue... but If future reparability is a concern, liquid...
  16. SlingBlader

    Best Non-Locking Tremolo System

    I'm not sure what your budget is, but the Gotoh Wilkinson VS100N 2 point trem is a really great unit for the price. (under $100) As has been mentioned, a properly cut nut and locking tuners are essential in my opinion. I built a couple of Strat styled guitars recently with these units and...
  17. SlingBlader

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Finally built some drawers in the bottom of my router table. Now my bits have a permanent home and I don't have to keep moving them from one place to another. :D
  18. SlingBlader

    If you could only have one right now, drum sander or planer?

    I've always wanted an SG, so this seems like a perfect opportunity. I'm sure the plans and templates will be great. Had I known earlier, I would have ordered during one of the sales! :hmm:

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