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  1. ledzepp2122

    Are import fees due upon delivery when ordering from overseas

    Just bought a guitar from China through and was wondering if import fees are due upon delivery?
  2. ledzepp2122

    FT: MXR Custom Badass '78 distortion

    Looking to trade my '78 distortion for an OD, fuzz or distortion pedal. It's in very good condition. Just that a bit of the pricing sticker got stuck on the back and I tried to scrape it off as best as I could. Inclues the box and I'm willing to throw in a '6 cable connector!
  3. ledzepp2122

    NVD- Jeff Beck Group- Truth

    I was at my local record store today and found a real GEM! Jeff Beck is in my top 10 favorite guitarists and this album is truly amazing. I know what I'm doing for the rest of the day. I mean, Rod Stewart's vocals plus Jeff Becks's guitar work is just indescribable. :applause::applause:
  4. ledzepp2122

    NGD- Happy but frustrated

    My friend gave me his strat copy today! Since he's a drummer he, thought I would make better use of it. Anyway, While I was trying to remove the strings through the tremolo block, only the low E and A strings were able to come out, the other strings seem stuck. I tried using a low E to push the...
  5. ledzepp2122

    NGD- Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus

    This is my first Fender guitar excluding my Squire. It's a beautiful Honey Burst finish with a maple neck, 22 jumbo frets and in HSS configuration. Right now, my favorite position is position 4 as the combination of the neck and middle pickup gives me a warm, fat, stratty like tone which with...
  6. ledzepp2122

    A little help

    I entered the Six String Riff Off contest today. I'd really appreciate it if you guys and gals helped me out a little. You can only vote once a day. If you could share this here, Facebook, Youtube, or any other forums, I would certainly appreciated! Here's the link with the video! Six-String...
  7. ledzepp2122

    Report Card

    I got a bad report card this marking period. Wish me luck. My parent is hard on my grades. My average is usually 90, but it probably went down because mid terms.
  8. ledzepp2122

    NPD: BMP with Tone Wicker

    She's really beautiful and I just got her in the mail 10 minutes ago. I gonna get going so I can she what she can do!=
  9. ledzepp2122

    Jimmy Page plans 2013 solo tour

    Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page plans 2013 solo tour | News | NME.COM
  10. ledzepp2122

    Toneshaper for a Squier Tele

    I've been looking for some mods to do on my Squier Affinity Tele and I came across a ToneShaper by Acme Guitar Works. I want to buy this but I would like to know if it's hard to install and if you have had any experience with with it, did you like it. ToneShaper for Tele, Single Coils
  11. ledzepp2122

    Epiphone Announces Tommy Thayer Signature "Spaceman" Les Paul

    Tommy Thayer on his Epiphone Spaceman Les Paul - YouTube
  12. ledzepp2122

    Hunting StockHippie

    Laine, I was on the floor laughing! Hunting StockHippie - YouTube
  13. ledzepp2122

    The Mick Ronson Appreciation Thread

    This to to an amazing musician who dedicated his life to music!
  14. ledzepp2122

    Light and Shade: Conversations with Jimmy Page

    I just preordered my copy! Anyone else going to get it?
  15. ledzepp2122

    The Greatest Guitarist of All Time, The Finals — Eddie Van Halen Vs. Brian May

    It all started a few months back, when 128 132 guitarists went head to head, round by round, in a bracketed format. We filled all but four of the slots with the names of incredible guitarists (dead and living) — players chosen for their technical ability as well as their importance and...
  16. ledzepp2122

    Sunday dinner

    Jeff's thread on chilli got me thinking I should make a nice, big Sunday style dinner. Today I'm cooking a whole chicken with my special rub, candy yams and collard greens. A real southern style dinner! Everything is in the oven now and pics are sure to follow later. What are you having for...
  17. ledzepp2122

    GW November 2012 Country-style licks

    I just received my latest issue of GW and it featured an article on Country style licks. My Tele has got me into some country. Just thought I'd share! You also download the zip. file
  18. ledzepp2122

    Any Mike Bloomfield fans

    I first heard about him when Gibson released his signature model a couple of years ago and have been a fan since. Not to mention his beautiful 59' burst. Mike Bloomfield, Al Kooper, Steve Stills - Super Session [Full Album] - YouTube Mike Bloomfield: Drinking Wine Live!! - YouTube MIKE...
  19. ledzepp2122

    Looking for good set of Tele Pickups

    I'm looking for a nice set of Tele pickups to put in my Squier. I play a variety of ranges but mainly Blues Rock, Alternative and Metal. I would like to buy from a custom builder rather than get a set of name brand pickups. I would like them to be high output, Have great clarity, can push my...
  20. ledzepp2122

    Poll: The Greatest Guitarist of All Time, Round 5 Jimi Hendrix Vs. Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Welcome to the Elite 8 portion of our first-ever Greatest Guitarist poll! It all started a few months back, when 128 132 guitarists went head to head, round by round, in a bracketed format. We filled all but four of the slots with the names of incredible guitarists (dead and living) —...

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