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  1. marsten

    New Old Traynor Day!

    Well, I have always wanted to try a Traynor YGM3 after hearing and reading good things about them over the years. Supposedly a hand wired, Canadian made DRRI killer.. Last week one of the fine gents at my local L&M tracked one down for me in Thunderbay that had supposedly just come back from...
  2. marsten

    Billy G PLaying Through a Brown Faced Fender.

    I have not run across this footage before but thought it was pretty darned cool. The amp looks like to be a brown faced Super but not entirely sure. Sounds great to me though :) Any thoughts?
  3. marsten

    New Old Amp Day Fender Twin Reverb 74, 75?

    Bought this old road warrior home from my local L&M today for $500.00 Cdn and so far I am pretty damm stoked :) Someone had stuck/screwed stick on vinyl trim to the front of the cab but it all came off without tough much grief. Cleaned up fairly well with some elbow grease. Only issue is the...
  4. marsten

    Something Orange This Way Comes..

    Been on a amp shake up kick lately with me starting over from scratch. First up was a dream amp. The Marshall Vintage Modern 50 and now this little guy. I've always loved the thick, warm sounds of Orange amps and reading about the Rocker 15 combo I was determined to try one out. Turns out my...
  5. marsten

    Slightly Delayed New Marshall Half Stack day

    Picked up this Marshall 2266 Vintage Modern 50 and the the 1960 cab locally and I am really pleased with it.:wow: I have been trying to get one for many years now and to have one available locally was just too good to be true. From vintage plexi to hot rodded jmp the tones are all there in...
  6. marsten

    Two For One New Amp Day (Lunchbox Goodness)

    Picked up both of these little guys over the past couple days used and I am very impressed with both :) The Micro Terror I became interested in after watching Johan's recent video for it. The Traynor Darkhorse was for sale locally by a really nice gent for $225.00 so I had to pick it up. My...
  7. marsten

    Procal Harum 73 on Musikladen. Burst Goodness

    Not sure of the details on the Lester but a killer sounding version of Conquistador :) Hope you all enjoy :)
  8. marsten

    New 2017 Trad Day "Tobacco Burst"

    Yes, you read the tittle correct :) I too thought these only came in cherry, antique and honey burst. Seems that Long and Mcquade had a special run done up for themselves but did not properly list the specs or the correct appearance on their website. Hence these flew under the radar. Same specs...
  9. marsten

    1953 Fender Champ and Friend

    Went to visit friends at a local music shop yesterday and got to see something you don't run into everyday. A customer had decided to sell his 53 champ and lap steel. Each item is going to different homes but they will be well loved. I asked if I could snap a few quick pics :)
  10. marsten

    The Terry Kath Experience

    So nice to see Terry get his due and his daughter Michelle did a fantastic job with this film. So worth seeing in my opinion :)
  11. marsten

    Sunday Morning Coffee With Rory Ghallagher

    Not sure if this has been posted but it deserves to be mentioned again. :) Early Rory from 71-72 on Beat club running the whole range from rock, blues to folk. WDR engineers were always fantastic in getting a great audio mix. These performances are part of the "Ghost Bllues" dvd set. I highly...
  12. marsten

    BB King & T-Bone Walker- Monterey Jazz Festival 1967

    Never seen this footage before but holy crap it's good! The two heavy hitters of electric blues guitar that paved the way for many of us. :) Hope folks enjoy it as much as I did.
  13. marsten

    Early Kiss Photos From Outside Gig. Great Snapshot in Time

    Got these pics from an old friend of mine on Facebook of this early Kiss gig and thought I would share with my brother and sisters on MLP. I am longtime fan but I have never seen these pics before. Hopefully folks will like them :) 18278454_10155346748704169_4091717978554274038_o by marsten...
  14. marsten

    New Old Gibson/Epiphone Amp Day

    Picked this up at my local Long and McQuade yesterday for the princely sum of $250.00 Cdn.. So far I really like what I hear. Someone has done some maintenance on it over the years and replaced the stock speaker with a Emi Legend 1028 10" alnico speaker. Pots are all quiet, tremo and...
  15. marsten

    A bit of cheer up from Magic Sam

    I'm off this week with my kids for a bit of rest and relaxation and I should know by now to stop trying to keep up with the news sites.. With all the heavy things going on in the world these days sometimes it pays to go back to the music that inspires one to play in the first place.:)...
  16. marsten

    New Old Marshall Cab Day

    Went to my local Long & Mcquade to browse around a bit after work and found this well loved 1965B cab from the early 80's if I had to guess. Asking price was $200.00 with the original Celestion G10L35 speakers so I figured I had nothing to lose. :) Sounds great with My Dsl 40C and hoping to...
  17. marsten

    Is this Clapton/Beano Footage?

    I was watching a new "Who" video compilation from the years 65-67 which has some footage from "A Whole Scene Going" show which aired Jan 5/66 In the opening credits there are two sections which sure looks like Eric playing his fabled burst. Perhaps I am wrong but it sure looks cool at any...
  18. marsten

    FS-2013 Gibson Les Paul 50's Tribute Wine Red P-90's/2014 Gibson LPJ Vintage Sunburst

    I recently bought 2014 Trad in Honeyburst so I need to make room so my wife stops giving me dirty looks.:naughty: For sale are a couple of great playing guitars that I hope a MLP brother or sister could give a good home to. First a 2013 50's Tribute in wine red. Nice 50's neck, P-90 pickups...
  19. marsten

    The Cpt Meets Ian Thronley (Big Wreck)

    I have to say this series of videos he has been putting out keep getting better and better. Well worth the watch if you have the time.
  20. marsten

    NGD 2013 SG 50's Tribute

    Well.. I swore I wouldn't do it but for $199.99 Canadian I couldn't help myself.:naughty: It showed up today in the factory sealed box. Fretboard was very dry as to be expected but besides that it had minimal fret sprout. After I oiled the board and changed the strings she was pretty much...

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