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  1. ejendres

    One piece neck with an angled headstock

    I'm thinking of attempting this with my next build. Anyone try it? I'm talking Fender style one piece with no fretboard. I know I'll need a pretty thick blank but I think it would be really cool to try.
  2. ejendres

    Built a Telebird body for my bud

    My bud hit me up about making him a Telebird body a few weeks back. The wife was working this weekend so I went up to the shop and was able to get the body made in one shot. This is my favorite kind of project, one where I don't have to do any sanding. Very nice walnut body blank sourced from...
  3. ejendres

    Low Volume, High Quality Decal

    Whats a good source for a high quality decal? I have a quote for a half sheet but with setup its $85. I was hoping to spend a lot less than that.
  4. ejendres

    New Build, This Time its Personal

    Building myself a 24" scale guitar. Swamp ash body, roasted maple neck and ziracote fretboard. Big thanks to pshupe for sourcing the cutting the fretboard. Its gonna be super rad. Using my buddy's CNC to rough out the body and some templates. He's Z axis is to short to properly route the body...
  5. ejendres

    Avoiding glue in fret slots when binding

    How do you guys avoid filling the slots with glue when you bind? Also, what do you do to clean it when you get some in? Exacto?
  6. ejendres

    Cleaning up nut slot after gluing

    How do you guys go about cleaning up the nut slot/area after you glue on the fretboard? I've used a chisel or a standing block in the past but I'm not 100% with my results. I'd love to buy the stew mac file but $50 seems a little steep for it.
  7. ejendres

    Fret Tang Nippers

    What are you guys using? I've just been using a file but it take a while. Any better way you guys could recomend? I've been considering using a cut off wheel on my Dremel or picking up the stew mac nippers. What works best for you guys?
  8. ejendres

    3D Printers are pretty rad

    Used the Stratasys at work to print up a drill guide. The ABS is very tough and holds up really nice against the drill. Really really happy with how this worked. I've seen guys freehand access holes like this but I never really have been comfortable with trying that. This neck is going to...
  9. ejendres

    Help needed. Sheared off a screw head in my guitar

    Title says it all. What would you guys do to get this out? Its a number #5 so its quite small. Protip, Ace Hardware sells shitty screws.
  10. ejendres

    Scraping binding flush on a neck

    I'm planning to radius and bind my next fretboard before gluing up. Would a scraper be an effective tool to bring the binding down to match the radius? What thickness card scraper should I pick up? Any tips/tricks for using them? If you have a better way to suggest let me know.
  11. ejendres

    Issue with Aniline Dye

    hey guys. I have a yellow stained Tele body with 6 coats of oil on it. It’s been a week since my last coat of oil and I was doing a little wet sanding. I noticed a ton of yellow was coming up as a sanded. When I wipe the body with a damp cloth yellow comes up on the cloth. Any idea why this is...
  12. ejendres

    Using whiskey as a base for dye

    I'm trying to get an amber colored stain and I'm wondering if dissolving yellow aniline dye into whiskey might get me better results than my current yellow/red combo. Thoughts? Has anyone tried this?
  13. ejendres

    Binding fretboard before gluing

    How do you guys go about this? Has anyone run a flush trim bit along the binding? I'm guessing that would probably just melt the binding. If you don't flush trim whats your guy's process for aligning the shaft and the board? Do you carve the neck before gluing? Any tips would be appreciated.
  14. ejendres

    Advice needed with ash

    Hey guys. I'm building an Ash Telecaster for my bud and included a tummy carve. I used a rasp to rough out the tummy carve and got a pretty smooth curve. However when I sand out the tool marks I'm getting ripples along the grain. Basically the grain is sanding quicker than the rest of the wood...
  15. ejendres

    Adding to my collection of in progress builds

    My bud wanted me to build him a Tele so this project has been superseding my others for the past month or so. :lol: One piece Northern Ash body, roasted maple neck, maple fretboard. Its gonna be a fat Tele. Its really coming together. Keen eyed people will notice the neck pickup route is...
  16. ejendres

    Working on a new single cut build

    Not a Les Paul. Big thanks to pshupe for helping with the templates. I've only done a few builds and this my first time going fully from scratch. I'm learning a lot :lol: 3 piece mahogany neck blank: Applewood top courtesy of pshupe. Leveling my mahogany blank Rough shaped...
  17. ejendres

    Cleaning up headstock angle

    Give me your thoughts on the best way to do this. I made a just for my bandsaw to cut a 12deg headstock angle for a neck I'm building. The jig worked well and I cleaned up the face on my belt sander. It seems I sanded in a slight tilt towards the bass side. How should I go about squaring this...
  18. ejendres

    Connect the chambers in my Semi-Hollow?

    I'm starting a new build this weekend. I'm planning on doing a Semi-Hollow and I'm debating connecting the two chambers or leaving a solid strip down the middle. What do you guys think? This is my current layout.
  19. ejendres

    Has anyone made a neck out of multiple short pieces

    I recently bought some mahogany to laminate and make a few necks. I was able to buy 36" long pieces for a little extra. I'm thinking I might have enough left over scrap to scarf joint them length-wise and make a neck. Has anyone done something like this? I think its worth a shot since it will...
  20. ejendres

    FS: Lace HG Holy Grail Noiseless Set

    Selling my noiseless set in cream. Really good sounding pickup set. PM me if interested. $130 shipped obo

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