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  1. Maestro Fuzz

    Bogner La Grange - opinions

    Yeah I know. Another MIAB thread...but I just cant make a decision. This pedal sounds the closest to me for that vintage plexi sound (slp 100). Need your opinions and expirience with this pedal. Thank you!
  2. Maestro Fuzz

    Cleaning Nitro finish - need advice

    Just a quick question my friends - can i safely use this guitar polish on my 17' 58 Reissue with Nitro finish? Thank you all in advance
  3. Maestro Fuzz

    Strange E-mail Reply From Gibson Custom Shop

    So my friends, to keep a long story short - I emailed Gibson where I was asking if they could possibly give me some insight of the 2017 second hand R8 i just bought (im trying to get as much info as I can, just out of plain curiosity). I asked to whom was it shipped when it left the factory and...
  4. Maestro Fuzz

    NGD : 2017 R8 Plaintop

    Here it is my friends! Its a 2017 Les paul Historic R8 in plaintop. I had a Traditional and played some Standards but IMHO nothing comes close to this guitar. Im absolutely floored by the Custombuckers! I know im a minority here but i actually prefer plaintops, and it does remind me a bit on...
  5. Maestro Fuzz

    2017 R8 - how to "store" and maintain it properly

    Greetings friends, forum newb here. So i finally got my hands on a nice 2017 R8 Tea Burst (will proudly post pictures soon). Since I now have such a high quality instrument, I was wondering how to correctly store it? I live in an apartment where some rooms in the winter are heated and some are...

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