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  1. cherrysunburst00


    Over the last 1.5 or 2 months I have managed to acquire 2 new amps: Fargen (Custom) MiniPlex: 12 watts w/2 EL 34s; Low Power switch to drop 1 EL34 out of the circuit; PowerScaling; voiced JCM800 and Modded JCM800; 1x12 Creamback Marshall Studio Classic combo (20 watts/5 watts) in Limited...
  2. cherrysunburst00

    Interesting Speaker Cab Article
  3. cherrysunburst00

    Walmart fight

  4. cherrysunburst00

    NGD: Desert Star 09 MSV

    It is my Privilege to present my newest Guitar: A Desert Star Flying V with Michael Schenker finish (sitting on top of ANOTHER "Labor of Love"--Grandma's (RIP) HAND-MADE quilt. Black/White opposite binding (white side had black binding/black side had white binding AND NIBS!!!!! My poorly...
  5. cherrysunburst00

    When did Black Sabbath peak?

    I was listening on YouTube to a soundbaoard recording of Sabbath from Aug 1975--shortly before my Brother saw them, and lots of peeps said that was their peak. My vote would be Sabotage; while I really like Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die, I think that through The Thrill of it All was the...
  6. cherrysunburst00

    $OLD ORIGINAL Carr Mercury

    48 Continental USA buyers only, please Moving on one of my Carr Mercury Amps: I picked up a cream/blue (blue is my FAVE color) Mercury so I would like to move this beautiful tone machine on to someone else. I picked this up used I believe it is a 2003 (the first year, I THINK) KT66 tube...
  7. cherrysunburst00

    Advice on MTM finish

    I'm considering a MTM R9. I want gloss and I want a back finish that will not bleed or lose its red hue as well as a top that will retain its vivid CSB finish. What sort of terminology would I use when ordering, or is the preceding description sufficient?? If I charge ahead, I'll most...
  8. cherrysunburst00

    New Amp Day: Carl's Custom Vintage

    HOLY CRIMINY!!! As @JMP and @mudface can attest to, Carl's Custom Amps are AMAZING, which doesn't surprise me; Carl is very very precise; was that way as a student in high school too. SO, Today, I took delivery of my Vintage 12 today (a variation of the Vintage 7, whose info is below): So...
  9. cherrysunburst00

    Mulling over Marshall Studio Classic combo vs Studio 15 (4001)

    Being the tube amp junkie, I'm always on the lookout for ANOTHER amp. Right now, I'm vascillating between the new Studio Classic (combo) and the used Studio 15 (4001). I only play at home at low volumes. Suggestions/Recommendations. I may very well end up with both in the end :laugh2: :run...
  10. cherrysunburst00

    410 vs 112 or 212

    Back in the 90s, I had a Marshall 410 slant for the JCM600. Stupidly, I sold it, and have never been able to find a replacement, and sinceI can't make my own comparison, I thought I'd ask here. So, in your experience, or based on your knowledge, would I see an appreciable difference in having...
  11. cherrysunburst00

    School Grading System

    My school district has just adopted an "equitable grading system" in which our grading scale is no longer based on 0-100%; rather, it is based on 50-100%. SO... If a student does not submit an assignment, instead of awarding a "0" we have to award a "50" so that the student does not lose...
  12. cherrysunburst00

    Brazilian documentation??

    I am not looking at anything at this time, but if I was looking at R's purportedly with Brazillian rosewood, what would be the documentation? CITES certificate? Some sort of certificate from Gibson? Thank You.
  13. cherrysunburst00

    Custom Shop vs. USA differences video

    I found this really nice video explaining the differences between Custom Shop and USA Les Paul models. It MAY help to answer "is a Custom Shop Model worth it?" There are convenient time marks in the description labeled "difference" so if you just want to hear what the differences are and skip...
  14. cherrysunburst00

    $OLD: Pewter Orange Amp Keychain $13.00 paypal shipped

    Never used. Nice "bling" for the Orange fan Pewter Made in UK by Alchemy United States only $13.00 PayPal shipped
  15. cherrysunburst00

    $old: Goes Out Today 2010 R9 Les Paul (Ikebe 35th Anniversary)

    I'm in discussions with 2 Forum Members regarding my R9 Les Paul. Here's the stuff: 48 Continental Buyers Only. Pay Pal. $3700 shipped/insured (this way, if you don't bond, you can move it on with minimal loss). I LOVE the top; the neck is just too beefy for me. If I measured correctly, it...
  16. cherrysunburst00

    Leslie West Music Tribute

  17. cherrysunburst00

    WTB: 1987 LP Standard OR 1990-92 (Pre)Historic

    Eh, it's a long-shot to check all my boxes, but what the heck--I am looking for the following: No smoke-smells (very allergic) on the guitar or case Cherry Sunburst finish Vibrant red on the top (no fading/washing out) as well as on the back--no fading/washing out or browning on the back...
  18. cherrysunburst00

    Source for wide cutaway binding

    I really like the wide binding in the cutaway section of a Lester circa Norlin era through, what, 1999ish? Any suggestions on where to source that from? I'm cogitating several idears for me next Desert Star build
  19. cherrysunburst00

    FS: 2 String Swing Guitar Hangers Unused. US Buyers only $22.30 Pay Pal Shipped

    SORRY, US BUYERS ONLY FROM MY SMOKE-FREE, ANIMAL-FREE HOME 2 String Swing Guitar Hangers NEVER USED, but one was opened and resealed with tape (just wasn't going to work out where I wanted to hang it--my loss, your gain) $22.30 Paypal Shipped

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