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  1. tonedr

    Original Collection Gold Top

    Just received this from Eddie's to hear from any other owners of Original Collection guitars to hear your feedback and opinions.
  2. tonedr

    2 Historics & A Sunny Day

    Mike & Joe
  3. tonedr

    Collings I30LC Blonde

    Collings I30LC - Fully Hollow
  4. tonedr

    Strawberry Wine

  5. tonedr

    Collings I35LC - Aged Faded Cherry

    and my fave amp.
  6. tonedr

    RS Guitarworks Silver Sparkle Tele (double bound)

    with Headstrong Lil' King amp - Calton Cases...if anyone uses any of this gear i'd love to hear about it!
  7. tonedr

    South City Midnight Lady - tutorial

  8. tonedr

    Couple of my Favorites

  9. tonedr

    Black Friday

  10. tonedr

    Leave The Pieces

  11. tonedr

    Misty - Jerry Jones Baritone Guitar

  12. tonedr

    These Dreams - tutorial

  13. tonedr

    Come To My Window

  14. tonedr

    Amazing Grace

  15. tonedr

    Broken Halos

  16. tonedr

    Grandpa's Lullaby

  17. tonedr

    Lady Madonna

  18. tonedr

    Never Going Back Again

  19. tonedr

    Maggie May - mando tutorial

  20. tonedr

    Ode To Joy