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  1. Jessenoah

    If we’re honest with ourselves about the reason we started playing guitar

    If we’re honest with ourselves about the reason we started playing guitar, It’s because we saw Hollywood Hulk Hogan playing air guitar to Jimi Hendrix and wanted to be just like him...
  2. Jessenoah

    Greco EG59, Gibson 1974-1976 Les Paul, EP3 echoplex, ThroBak StoneBender, Silverface Fender bassman

    A handful of equipment for sale, please PM a for pictures Greco 59 sunburst 800$ Vintage les paul deluxe 2100$ Echoplex 800$ Fuzz pedal 200$ 4x10 fender silverface 800$
  3. Jessenoah

    Vintage fender and harmony

    Couple of cool old pieces, both play and function perfect with no structal issues and superficial signs of use Harmony rocket 500 plus actual shipping cost Fender pedal steel 700 plus actual shipping cost
  4. Jessenoah

    2x Fender Tweed Blues jr

    Very cool amp with great tone! 1x12, 3 band eq, does clean to classic rock ala Zeppelin and Van Halen and the Stones... Well gigged and beat to hell and back, but fully functional and very reliable! 400 per amp plus shipping, les paul and echoplex not included ;-)
  5. Jessenoah

    Jimmy Page Bolero Jacket, Kieth Richards Telecaster

    Heading down towards the end of my professional tribute band career's gear liquidation! Today is a couple cool things, a custom-made Jimmy page jacket from the song remains the same, and a Keith Richards telecaster! 1500 each shipped!
  6. Jessenoah

    JIMMY PAGE phaser and EP3 Echoplex

    The last of my three, works well and sound awesome. 750 shipped Vintage script MXR phase 90 The sound is ****! Am I allowed to say that? Oh man is this a great sounding pedal! 250shipped
  7. Jessenoah

    Nitro refin Dan Electro DC59 PAGE!!

    With vintage Hardshell Case...I can't figure out how to post pictures on the forums from my phone? But I have perfect feedback and I wouldn't mind texting or emailing pictures :-) Lightweight, low action, works perfect and refinished in a thin glassy nitro lacquer! 550 shipped
  8. Jessenoah

    Vintage Gibson Jimmy Page EDS1275 makeover...stunning! This is a special one! Great tone: Looking for 6500 for MLP'rs!
  9. Jessenoah

    Does anyone enjoy writing poetry?

    Do we have any poets in the house? Do you like writing poetry? I do, here's what I wrote last night for my ex...anybody else? Come on and share some :-) it's probably better than you give yourself credit for! The hardest part of long drives Is remembering all those many times On the phone I...
  10. Jessenoah

    ES350 thinline

    Banning guitars custom ES350 thinline. Comes with a nice padded gigbag. Low action set up with .11s! Has an acoustic simulator bridge controlled with a switch under the pick guard and is in nice shape • gold stop tail and tuners • nitro lacquer • very light weight semi hollow...
  11. Jessenoah

    early 70s Marshall 100watt Superleads (2x) I have a pair of early 70s Marshall 100 watt superleads, 1 with a PTP board and 1 with a computer board, both sound great, totally identical, work good with minimal hissing...
  12. Jessenoah

    JESSE'S massive gear sale

    If these are not sold in a week, I will be going to guitar center and dumping it for cheap, so take advantage of my relocating and pick up awesome stuff! everything sounds and works good, I am moving and don't need a trailer full of tools anymore, just keeping the bare essentials! Nothing is in...
  13. Jessenoah

    1973 Marshall 100watt Superlead

    I am going to regret this as long as I live... Master volume mod on the back Works perfect! Just listen to the tone! Gigged this non stop for the last 5...
  14. Jessenoah

    Univox Super-Fuzz

    Works great, not really my kinda sound, I'd love to trade for a tonebender fuzz, or sell outright for 600$ with free shipping. Is it ok to link an ebay ad? Here are some pictures: Univox Super Fuzz Superfuzz Free Shipping | eBay
  15. Jessenoah

    Mind if I vent just a little bit

    Is anyone else out there maybe just gradutated from high school? Maybe been out of high school for a while and doing college? Maybe late 20s and done with college and ready to move out and do your thing? Maybe a starving musician who needs to cut their hair and get a real job? I hope this...
  16. Jessenoah

    The greatest rendition of the national anthem...EVER

    Huey Lewis & the News - National Anthem - YouTube On This 4th of July, what could be more patriotic then fighting on the internet about who did the best ever rendition of the national anthem?!?!:thumb::laugh2: Happy 4th of july, now go grill up some meat, and try not to start any...
  17. Jessenoah

    Stealing "licks" from other musicians I blame Jimmy Page... how does that work?!?!
  18. Jessenoah

    Amazing photos, Same location 70 years apart

    D-day landings scenes in 1944 and now Click on the pictures in the link, they took vintage photos from WWII, and went to the same location and took pictures of how it looks today, pretty cool!

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