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  1. fleahead

    TRADED: Fano TC6 Carve Top Alt De Facto Honey Burst

    Except it has no German curve, just noticed. Nice geetar anyway
  2. fleahead

    The End of Tiger Woods?

    Somebody who says they give zero fucks and continues to comment after 400+ posts on a thread is fos. You need a new hobby.
  3. fleahead

    The End of Tiger Woods?

    Being all outraged and insulted about something like that all the time is a great way to an early grave.
  4. fleahead

    The End of Tiger Woods?

    Let it go and go play shuffleboard, ffs
  5. fleahead

    The End of Tiger Woods?

    Jesus fucking christ SteveC, what kind of a hard on do you have for Tiger? Do you REALLY give such a huge shit?
  6. fleahead

    Have you been pwned?

    FB had over 500 million accounts hacked in 2019, and thanks to a website being included in the new story is a website that determines whether you email address(es) have been seen, and there is one for passwords as well. Since the password I use here is solely used here, I was dismayed to that...
  7. fleahead

    Les Pauls you’ve SOLD? And why?

    Besides my early '69 Custom, in the mid 2000s when the credit crunch hit, I sold damn near everything I had trying to keep the business alive, It was for naught, and these three went bye-bye, as it turned out, for nothing... The amber USA I know where it is, and it's being loved. The Cherryburst...
  8. fleahead

    Gibson USA Flametop Friday!

    Both bone stock, except for LW tailpieces and the addition of wrist wreckers. Both were gifted to me, one by a GM of my division, one by a USA Prod Mgr. The amber sports a nice chip on the cutaway where it got "loved" at a bar jam about 2 hours after I got it, lol. They were exceptional.
  9. fleahead

    Gibson USA Flametop Friday!

    I can't help it. I'm impulsive! But I will offer up these two, which are USA, and which I sadly sold. Fortunately, I know the amber is still rocking in a band on the East Coast and the guy loves her so much he won't sell her back.... so I know it's getting good and beat and loved!
  10. fleahead

    Looking for an Italia Guitar

    Personally, I love them, never got one but I dig 'em.
  11. fleahead

    Epiphone Wilshire

    One of the guitarists from The Hives has been rocking them out for years.
  12. fleahead

    Buttigieg busted

    Like that's something new?
  13. fleahead

    Buttigieg busted

    Either way, I'm not outraged, triggered or enraged.
  14. fleahead

    Buttigieg busted

    I'm not taking a position, but what it looks like vs what it may be in reality may or may not be different. I guess it's in the eyes of the individual.
  15. fleahead

    Buttigieg busted

    It's also way easier to get around there on a bike as opposed to that beast.
  16. fleahead

    Gibson USA Flametop Friday!

    Different lighting, different iterations... -'01 R8. The bottom photo is how it is today, buffed back out, new inlay, etc...
  17. fleahead


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