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    What was your worst...

    I hear you brother, my metabolism is the best - but of my 6 closest friends, 2 have weight issues, another 2 have dangerous weight issues, 1 is built like me but much shorter, and 1 is dead. (of course, he’s the one who was in the best shape of all of us... go figure). I’m pretty lucky - I’m...
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    WalMart rant..

    You guys ever play Walmart bingo? (Sorry for low-res pic) In all fairness, I’m one of the lucky ones - the little Walmart out here in my small town isn’t bad. Yes it has a lot of Walmartians, but the store is small and believe it or not, meat department is best I’ve found anywhere around...
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    Internet Stalking.....

    I’ve done similar, for work - call the local hub and find out where my package is, find out where I can meet the guy, hop in my truck and go wait for him to meet me along his route. If I call them early enough, they’ll hold it for me at the hub so I can pick up sooner than it would be...
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    "Here’s Why Toyota Makes the Best Cars in the World"

    An old lady friend of mine once explained it to me using the same logic, for her never selling her old Toyota truck - “look at the news, every time you see terrorists riding around with AK’s in pickups it’s a Toyota - they don’t even have Jiffy Lubes to take care of them, and even in those...
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    Do you have a guitar strap jones?

    Seeing that, I think that’s my favorite strap too now... damn that is cool!
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    Do you have a guitar strap jones?

    There's nothing wrong with tweed straps, I have like 3 or 4...
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    Do you have a guitar strap jones?

    In all fairness, it's not like I was going to GC and looking for one every week, and I didn't even try for most of my 20's and 30's... but even then when I did look online again last year, out of stock (at least in the few places I looked). So yeah, for such a popular and common strap, it...
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    Have you looked inside the mittens?

    This deserves an award of some sort...
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    Do you have a guitar strap jones?

    By that logic, we’re all underwear collectors... But yeah, I like straps that are cool, or just “fit” a guitar for whatever reason (color, design, etc). Here’s the one I’m most proud of right now - I first saw one of these probably in my mid teens - always wanted one, always looked whenever...
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    Don't mess with a man's lamp.

    If I had a titty lamp, I’d probably be pretty protective of it too... Wonder if I can find one on eBay?
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    Have you looked inside the mittens?

    It’s from the Onion Movie - you’re familiar with Parody news site, usually pretty funny. Anyway, the trailer for the cockpuncher movie is a recurring theme in the Onion movie, and he shows up at the end to punch some dicks, I think... been a while since I’ve seen it. Great...
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    Have you looked inside the mittens?

    IKR? How can anyone not love this?
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    which acoustic do you think is better

    Taylor. Although, better to play them both first if you can.
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    On FedEx vehicle for delivery....Yeah Baby

    Good to know - thanks!
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    On FedEx vehicle for delivery....Yeah Baby

    Nice looking guitar - glad to hear it’s a keeper! Not to me. To me, those words mean “we will leave a note and continue to attempt delivery every afternoon throughout the week while you are at work.” Unless it’s being shipped to my work, in which case they mean “we will leave a note and...
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    Have you ever made a trade, then bought back your old guitar?

    I don’t see myself parting with any of my guitars anytime soon - granted, most of my guitars are not expensive (so I’m not selling to fund a new purchase) but each one is special to me (some more than others) for one reason or another. What I could see myself doing to thin the herd, if need...
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    The Market for Musical Gear Is Amping Up Like Never Before

    "Never-ending isolation has given rise to a condition known as GAS, or gear acquisition syndrome. The affliction has seven stages that are cataloged at the publication Music Radar, beginning with dissatisfaction and desire and culminating in guilt and relapse. Guitarists are the most at-risk...
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    The Cowboy Hat Movie

    First time I visited Texas, I went to a bar a bit west of the halfway point between Austin and San Antonio, where I was the only guy not wearing brown boots, blue jeans, big belt buckle, white t-shirt, and white hat. It was like a joke about Texans, except real life. Cool guys, it turned out...
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    Thread titles that appeared next to each other and spelled out humour.

    This might be the best thing anyone has ever said about facebook...

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