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    1990's LP's

    I have a couple from that era -- 92 cherry sunburst std and a 98 honey burst std--both are great players, sound great and have the best feeling necks Ive come across...Ive had several LPs and the 90s are great yrs for them.
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    Any trades for the LP? Thanks

    Any trades for the LP? Thanks
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    WTT Jackson and Reverend for LP Standard or Deluxe

    Looking for Les Paul Standard made from 1988-98. Prefer sunburst, honeyburst or black but will consider others-must be in good condition with no breaks/neck repairs. Does not have to be all original as far as parts/pickups. Or Deluxe made from the 1970s to 90s. I have a black Reverend Unknown...
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    A Craig'sList STEAL!!!!

    very cool guitar and great price
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    77 LP Deluxe sunburst 1400.00

    I got a sunburst 77 Deluxe on ebay in players grade condition(lots of scratches and dings)..Im seller 1205.662 on ebay. Plays and sounds good..Has Tom Anderson pickups and Grover tuners. Asking 1400.00 on there but will consider other offers. Might trade for a LP Standard made between 1990-2000...
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    WTB 2000 LP Standard

    I am still looking for a honeyburst 1990-2000 LP Standard like the one Dan Hawkins plays in The Darkness band he calls it Dune. See photo above and also would like for it to be under $1900.00..Thanks
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    Hello and New Guitar Day

    Nice present from a cool wife--Rock On
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    Anyone seen this 79' Tobaccoburst LPC? (Bay Area)

    I love guitars like that--ones that have been played alot and have some character--good luck on getting it back as its a beauty..
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    Gibson SG - ugly heel repair

    Looks good to me too--just play the hell out of it that side is not that important anyway far as looks go..
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    Les Paul Customs

    I luv my two 79s..Plays and sounds great plus they look cool
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    92 LP Standard for trade

    1992 LP Standard Honey burst for trade. This guitar plays and sounds great and comes with the brown Gibson case with pink shroud. No breaks,no major dings but has some scratches here and there, pickguard has small crack at the screw by the neck.. I am looking for a 1970's tobacco burst Deluxe...
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    '73 deluxe & '73 standard opinions

    Very cool trio especially the 73
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    Post YOUR YouTube Videos!

    My new video called Run For Your Life..LP Custom content and a vampire..
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    Marshall Vintage Modern 2466

    This amp rocks I have one and it covers AC/DC pretty darn close..Sounds like a great deal.
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    My First Les Paul. How'd I do?

    Right on man nice one--now Rock On..
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    The Number of the Beast, just incredible!

    Best metal album ever made to me..
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    The "pizza" I told my wife about is here (NGD: 2019 Gibson Les Paul Standard)

    Very nice and one of my favorite colors--Nice amps too..Rock On Sir
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    NGD! 1994 Les Paul Standard Honey Burst

    Looks like a good one and made in the 90s so its gonna rock....
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    best ways to store your gibsons away from robbers?

    Put them in closet with lock on door--wrap a pet cable around all the cases with a lock on it-could possibly put a bolt into the wall with cable running through it..Use a big gun safe--insurance-cameras are good ideas too..
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    Ace Frehley reunited with his '73 Tobacco Deluxe!

    Cool read but WHY WHY WHY would Ace f-up his best LP? Think of all the KISS music played on that guitar...

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