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    Very soon I will be looking for an inexpensive($300ish) Smart TV 50 inch. Any recommendations?

    . For the 'smarts' go and get a Roku Box (latest version runs around $80). Then you can get all the streaming services. The TV: just buy for the screen size, sharpness/color, and price. One TV I have now I got because it didn't have one of the streaming services they wanted on it. I used a...
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    Norlin Prices Climbing, How Far Will It Go?

    . You need to remember that while 'Norlin' was turned into a bad word by later Gibson marketing ... those guitars were made in the same Kalamazoo factory, using the same equipment, by the same workforce, that created all the famous 1950s 'Bursts'. The management team bought the husk from...
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    Elon on SNL...

    . the Mario skit was typical bad SNL writing, weakest of the whole show. Better segments: .
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    Pickup options for Les Paul, Alnico 2 vs Pearly Gates vs Gibson Burstbucker

    . Don't forget to measure and swap Pots 'n Caps ... they have as much influence on the guitar tone as the pickups. Pots have a 20% tolerance range and Max/Min samples can give bright/dark output. Also, pickup heights and screw poles heights (mini-EQ). Lowering Alnico 5 pickups can give the...
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    2020 Les Paul special wiring questions/help

    . Here are the steps to fix muddiness: -Lower the pickup and raise the screw poles, tip bass/treble too. If you are used to playing Strats then use a 'Strat Scatter' pattern (look up Strat pickup images if you don't have one currently). -Measure and swap pots 'n caps. Higher end of the spec...
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    What Is It About The Les Paul That Makes It Special?

    . Marketing. When you hear that famous Led Zeppelin songs were recorded on Teles but performed with Les Pauls (probably a 'gear deal' involved with marketing) they sold a lot of Les Pauls ... or Hendrix recorded with a Tele but performed on stage with Strats he sold a lot of Strats. Magazine...
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    Used car suggestions?

    . Toyota is more durable than Honda. Don't worry about 'the looks', vehicles are appliances. Get the repairs done on the current vehicle, assuming the body isn't all rusted out, and continue driving it. Poke away some cash for when used vehicle prices fall again (about two years). How are you...
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    Chevy Bolt EV fires, burning down the house.

    I used to be skeptical too until I realized electric vehicles enable a change in energy control, globally. It's a bit challenging to put one of these refineries in your back yard, and that is if you can find a suitable place to drill successfully out there under the swing set. But you can...
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    Fun wiring ideas for strat?

    . Armstrong Blender mod .... SSS blends to HSH. Have a stealth Les Paul or Super Strat while maintaining the real reason for having a classic set of Strat tones. It's my auto-mod for Strats I'll play regularly. I will swap loaded pickguards of an HSS Strat to SSS and then wire this mod. If...
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    Would you buy an Eart guitar?

    . There are going to continue to be more guitars like these Eart ones, significant upgrades in all areas for low sales prices. Most of the money is removed from the sales channel while they add manufacturing upgrades. So it's less of a worry about 'cheap quality!' and more a situation of...
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    Curious if you're dealing with stuff you can't get?

    Most manufacturing systems ... and making product plus shipping to the consumer are all part of the 'manufacturing system' ... are designed around handling 5% or less variations in product demand changes. If you have a 100 workers you can handle a 5% workload increase or decrease easily, beyond...
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    Les Paul newbie question

    . Two things to be worried about and to verify: -There are many Fake Gibsons -There are many Gibsons with undisclosed headstock repairs (which means half the value compared to unbroken units) Make sure you can identify both situations. Also, if you become the proud owner of a Gibson, study up...
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    Are some too obsessive over fit and finish?

    Individual buyer perception of price and value. Some players save 'their whole life' for 'their dream guitar' and then when they get it the buyer's remorse kicks in and they really want to send the guitar back (at a deep psychological level) and search for any flaw that gives them the excuse to...
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    Crack turn out to be a break...

    . Pick out any loose fibers or cross-wise fibers that will prevent the parts from gluing flush. Regular wood glue and clamps. .
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    Those of you tech savvy enough to wire your own guitars

    . Youtube 'how to solder' , 'how to use multimeter' , 'how to measure pickups' for kohms and polarity. .
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    Knitting and Les Pauls

    . .
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    Epiphones are defective according to my recent buyer

    . Hope it comes back in one piece, buyers may not pack well. .
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    Forum's input on choosing First Les Paul

    . Since this is your first Gibson ... make sure you also research the fragile headstock problem and be comfortable with the care and potential drama of it. Players have 'owned and gigged for forty years!' with one taking care of it so nothing happens and then they sell it and during shipping...
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    Any Hot Wheels aficionados here?

    . This was posted yesterday, it's pretty entertaining. Around 4:10min in this video shows how you can swap some model cars for Les Pauls ... if you have the right car color.
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    What’s the deal with relic guitars

    . I used to hate relics like most everyone else, I couldn't understand how people would intentionally abuse their guitars ... and then I got a throw in relic guitar on another guitar trade. It didn't work, no wiring and horrible fretwork, broken nut, had all the same fake appearance problems...

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