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  1. viper007

    NGD. '64 ES 335 Reissue

    Happy owner of this '64 ES 335 Reissue.
  2. viper007

    Love of my life

    Playing guitar for 45 years and been a rather long journey. Remind you i'm a "one guitar man". Traveling in time and felled a few guitar. From Strat>R8>Tele>SG>Flying V>335. And here we are. Finally coming home... :)
  3. viper007

    NGD Gibson Les Paul R7

    After messin' around with Flyin V, 335 and some SG's i finally returned to Les Paul. This is a 2016 model. Have some tear and wear and no problem for me... Me first with Custom Buckers and they sound really, really nice
  4. viper007

    Joe Bonamassa Epiphone Les Paul Custom is coming

    Later this year it seems...
  5. viper007

    NGD SG Special

    Very happy with this one :)
  6. viper007

    New Blues Deluxe

    Bought this today and sounds great!
  7. viper007

    NGD SG Junior

    Plays like a dream...
  8. viper007

    Nice ice tea R9

    2009 gibson les paul 1959 reissue vos - eBay (item 290506256027 end time Dec-06-10 09:31:40 PST)
  9. viper007

    Santa brought me this..

    My first historic, 05 R8.
  10. viper007

    Some demos

    Here's a couple of demos i've done by myself. I'm not much of a singer (or guitarist either for that matter) but still... SoundClick artist: Anders Schmidt - page with MP3 music downloads SoundClick artist: Anders Schmidt - page with MP3 music downloads
  11. viper007

    Metallica with burst

    James with his burst... YouTube - Metallica - Creeping Death (Live New York 2009)
  12. viper007

    New setup, new amp

    I've just did a new setup on my guitar and at the same time purchased a new amp. Over the years i've played throug fbt, carlsbro, randall, vox and laney. This is the first marshall and it's a JCM 900 SL-X.
  13. viper007

    Pictures of Dickey Betts?

    Anyone got any picures on stage of Dickey Betts? Thanks in advance.
  14. viper007

    Lynard Skynard better as 2 guitarist band?

    I've been listen a lot lately to the bootleg "Unreleased KBFH Show" from 1975. I must confess i'm a huge fan of Gary Rossington and it seems to me that he gets more space (obviously) and you can really hear Gary's rhytm playing in a different way than with 3 guitars. Also Billy's sound and...
  15. viper007

    Favourite guitarist in Thin Lizzy?

    For myself i prefer Brian Robertson
  16. viper007

    Plaintop R0

    Anyone interested? Gibson 1960 Les Paul Reissue-Iced Tea Burst - eBay (item 300323224874 end time Jun-23-09 15:48:59 PDT)
  17. viper007

    Need some pickup help?

    A guy offered me some pickups that he discribe as "Gibson PAF Reissues who comes from a R9 1996. The guitar have gone to the japanese market Yamano" . I have now a standard faded which i belive have burstbucker pros. 1. Is this burstbucker (not pro) pickups? 2. Is there any different...
  18. viper007

    Billy Gibbons + friends

    See Billy, duff, slash and Tommy Lee with the kick drums.... YouTube - Battleground Earth Los Angeles Does anyone know how to get rid of the stamp?

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