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  1. Lestergain

    Les Pauls you’ve SOLD? And why?

    agree with OP... those early 90s were magical, I had countless CA, R9, CC etc etc in the end I sold em all and the only one left is my 92 Les Paul Custom, best Les Paul I ever had
  2. Lestergain

    Custom Buckers - not a fan? Am I the only one?

    this, Gibson named them "custom" bucker as the recipe is tuned, according to Gibson, after particular sets they try to emulate, I have found the CC ones different from R9 ones, the best set was on my Rosie (shame I sold her) but I think its the wood more than anything else that makes them...
  3. Lestergain

    Broken mirrors from Murphy Lab

    if a guitar is great artificial checking is not an issue for me, I had many many CCs and Historics from 2004 (at the time they were called Custom Authentic if memory serves me well), not a single one checked naturally. I had some artificial Murphy aged (CC#1 and some other CCs), the looks seemed...
  4. Lestergain

    calling R9 owners for an info...

    Hi, to all the people of good will... can you please tell me the exact measure (not specs) of the width of the fretboard (including binding) just after the nut (before 1st fret)??? Thanks for your help
  5. Lestergain

    WTB Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro ll with Floyd Rose

    as per title, please provide info, pics, price etc Thanks
  6. Lestergain

    Gibson Custom Shop John Sykes Les Paul info (from owners)

    Hi I am in search of one of these beauties by a lot of time, I have found one but I was surprised to see in the control cavity that the bridge volume potentiometer is disconnected from the tone one (no capacitor) and is a 500k short shaft (..035 code). Can owners of this guitar please chime in...
  7. Lestergain

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Aged John Sykes

    necro-bump ... can be shared a clear picture of the control cavity? what value are the Volume potentiometers? thanks a lot !!!
  8. Lestergain

    LPC vol at 0... still sound.. how to fix it?

    here is a picture of the control cavity:
  9. Lestergain

    LPC vol at 0... still sound.. how to fix it?

    yes, thanks for chiming in
  10. Lestergain

    LPC vol at 0... still sound.. how to fix it?

    Hi I am very partial to early 90s Les Paul Customs, I scored a '93 bone stock at a good price, I tested it and sounds like my n.1 ('92 LPC) only thing different is that, either pickup, with volume at 0 you still hear sound from the amp (at very very low volume). Wiring is stock, someone knows...
  11. Lestergain

    magnet pair for most "Jimmy Page middle position" sound (@pickup swappers)

    I surrender to the believers/influencers...
  12. Lestergain

    magnet pair for most "Jimmy Page middle position" sound (@pickup swappers)

    there are modern magnets which replicates to a good level vintage stuff, Seymour Duncan is doing great with magnets in their custom shop, I measured a lot of them with my vintage ones taken from 50s gibson pickups and they are the absolutely closest ones... The real problem is that when dealing...
  13. Lestergain

    magnet pair for most "Jimmy Page middle position" sound (@pickup swappers)

    hi in a Les Paul, whats your most effective magnet pairing to get the most "metallic" sounding middle position, jmmy page style or even more... ? I used to make lots of experiments and I found that pickups with same magnet and almost same Kohms worked best, than I tried the A5 bridge and A2...
  14. Lestergain

    Conversation with friend at Gibson USA

    I hope they will improve quality of products as is a constant downhill since the early 2000s... only thing improved (from horror to acceptable but overpriced) are the fretboards/neck job since 2010 CS products are better but compared to prices... Im not seeing the huge "better", sure they...
  15. Lestergain

    best guitar stand for a Gibson Les Paul Custom?

    Hi, Im searching for a floor/Ground support not an hanging one... which is the best as of realibility, durability etc? thanks
  16. Lestergain

    83 Custom Volume Pot - Linear or Audio?

    sorry for the necro-bump ...whats the value of a 71 035 Volume potentiometer (78 LPC) ??? thanks
  17. Lestergain

    Is a John Sykes Signature considered a Historic?

    sorry for the necro-bump but Im cslling for all owners: whats the fret size? possibly exact measures will help me a lot.. thanks a lot !!!

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