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  1. fleahead

    Have you been pwned?

    FB had over 500 million accounts hacked in 2019, and thanks to a website being included in the new story is a website that determines whether you email address(es) have been seen, and there is one for passwords as well. Since the password I use here is solely used here, I was dismayed to that...
  2. fleahead

    FRIDAY pissed off rant!!!!

    (made you look) But if anyone wants to carry the torch, have at it....
  3. fleahead

    Valentine's Day sucks....

    when you lose your love... It doesn't even matter what the circumstances are, but this year I've lost my love. It's one of those pivital times when, at my age, I know I'll never find another. Just had to vent somewhere since I can't go anywhere.... goddam, she literally was the one that got...
  4. fleahead

    Not guitar related....just a rememberance

    RAN Lt. Anthony Huelin - died Jan 3, 1969 in Viet Nam, piloting a Huey with 4 other Aussies and 3 Americans aboard, flying 50ft high through heavy fog when he hit a radio tower cable. All died. Flying Christmas dinners to front line troops during the cease-fire. He was in my family's lives for...
  5. fleahead


    I LOVE Merseybeat, these guys were tops
  6. fleahead

    For the Lt.

  7. fleahead

    And now, Tony Rice Damn
  8. fleahead

    Anyone else own the (newer) Firebird V?

    Curious to see others' and get their takes on them. Not totally digging the LP-width neck...... but it's a nice build...
  9. fleahead

    Anyone ever buy Medallion Firebird V #259?

    Just checking to see if anyone here ever ended up with the beast, which I owned until the mid 2000s.... shoot me a PM!!
  10. fleahead

    Could not help myself - Happy Xmas to me

    Temptation got the best of me and since I was in the past a Gibby Firebird owner ('65 frost blue VII and a '72 Medallion V) I went for the Epi FB V $637..... $237 down, 3 monthly payments. Don't need a case, I'm not going anywhere... but damn, it's a lot of bang for the buck. Should have it in...
  11. fleahead


  12. fleahead

    Some vids just tickle the heck outta me

    So many from the '80s were so ridiculous that I just laughed and this is no dif. I don't have an opinion on the song, it's disposable. But the vid kills me...
  13. fleahead

    So I was wondering to myself.... "where's the sly ol' Henry J.?"

    And this was released a few hours ago..... yeah, I'd invest in that (not). Not with him at the helm, lol.
  14. fleahead

    Yeah, another one of those "depression sucks" threads

    Had big plans for this year - didn't we all? - And with being bi-polar, suffering from S.A.D...... losing the love of my life because of all of this, she meant the world.....Hell, I can't even make music now. I go downstairs into my studio, play a couple of chords.... try to play some leads...
  15. fleahead

    Came across this name for the 1st time, nice but $$$

    I'm not affiliated, just came across this and was not familiar with this builder until just minutes ago looking here. Not cheap, but it sure looks purdy.
  16. fleahead

    Mods, please delete, thanks

  17. fleahead

    Ever hear of Alligator amps?

    It was a short-lived amp brand by Langlois Electronics and there is PRECIOUS little of anything on the interweb about them. They were out of U.K. Back in the mid-late '80s I was working for a guitar company outside Chicago and preceeding a potential distributor agreement for them in the U.S...
  18. fleahead

    Glad they caught him
  19. fleahead

    Damn, we lost another good one today.

    Wrote one of my fave songs from one of my fave movies and his stuff with FoW was incredible....
  20. fleahead

    No Frankfurt Musik Messe

    Last week I saw two press releases from the Musik Messe organization - one from 2 hours earlier, one from just 5 minutes.... the one from two hours' previous stated that the Messe was not going to be postponed, and then the one from just 1 hour and 55 minutes later said "Cancelled" That's a lot...

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