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  1. Bigfoot410

    RG500 Gamma

    I was looking up videos of one of my favorite bikes. Suzuki RG500 Gamma 2-stroke. I found this TT race video and if this doesn't make your balls crawl up into your stomach, you are a better man than me. Fucking...WOW!! :eek2:
  2. Bigfoot410

    NHL 2021

    How's everyone liking the format and changes this year? How do you feel about your city's team? Even with a shortened season, I'm giddy just to have hockey back. My Blue Jackets picked up Koivu, Domi and Laine this year. We lost out top forwards in Dubois and Anderson, but I feel we're a crap...
  3. Bigfoot410

    Telecaster + Seth Lover = WOW.

    Love Lemmo videos and todays pick is this 70's Tele with a Seth Lover wide range humbucker. Absolutely fantastic sounding combo. This is the best sounding (to me) combination I've come across online. :) I've watched every Lemmo video since he took over from Agnesi. I know how each guitar...
  4. Bigfoot410

    The Immortal Beaver- what a beauty!

    Gutterheads!! :) Just a cool video for airplane people. The history of the de Havilland Beaver.
  5. Bigfoot410

    Lag HyVibe. Anyone checked these out?

    Pretty cool guitar with built in effects and no amp. Cool campfire guitar. Check out the video in the link. Lâg HyVibe THV10DCE (
  6. Bigfoot410

    Anyone ever heard of these? Mighty Olson amp.

    Saw this on Fleabay. Never ever heard of it. Looks pretty cool.
  7. Bigfoot410

    James Bond- Dead. I loved Connery as Bond :(
  8. Bigfoot410

    Meatwad's Revenge!

    Don't them things have fire 'stinguishers?? The dude is still driving it on fire! :) Link to the story and video:
  9. Bigfoot410


    Went antiquing on Sunday in a small town east of Richmond, Indiana. We came out of a store and this little kitten was running around from people to people begging for food and attention. I picked him up and saw he was blind in one eye (injury) and was filthy. Sweetest guy I ever saw. We went...
  10. Bigfoot410

    NKD x2

    New Kitty Day x2. Losing my cat, Bolt the other day had me pretty bummed out. Today, my wife took a detour to the grandkids house and we got these two kitties to replace my lost buddy. The kids were trying to find homes for these last two kittens they had and the timing was right I guess...
  11. Bigfoot410

    Goodbye Bolt & Jersey. (Lost another damn one)

    Had to bury one of my cats today. We found him yesterday in the yard, laying on his side. He was panting with shallow breathes and had blood and flies all over his backside. He started throwing up blood when we moved him on a towel . Our asshole neighbors have shit cars parked in the back...
  12. Bigfoot410

    Lost WWII film and story. VERY cool!

    My mom sent me this in an e-mail today. A must watch incredible story. :) An 18 year-old just out of high school was trained to take pictures of damage done to German targets by B-17’s. He flew in a British Spitfire fitted with extra fuel tanks where the guns were. In other words, he flew...
  13. Bigfoot410

    Letterkenny Live

    They are touring again and hitting a lot of US markets. I went last year and it was fantastic if you like them and love to laugh. If you haven't experienced the show, you should. A lot of people here got hooked on the show and here's your chance to see them live. :)...
  14. Bigfoot410


    Kurt Busch just had a new Corvette to give away (that nobody else can get) on The Price is Right. …..why can they get one and the consumer can't!?
  15. Bigfoot410

    My Stepson.

    It's been one year to the day that he died. We found him on the 13th, but autopsy showed he died today. His name was Trenton James Briddell. He suffered PTSD from serving in the Army and was deployed as a security force in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan in 2013. He became an...
  16. Bigfoot410

    Baa Baa Black Sheep-Robert Conrad died.

    My favorite show at the time. LOVED Robert Conrad and now he's gone. I haz a sad. GREAT actor. :(
  17. Bigfoot410


    Apparently, you need this. :)
  18. Bigfoot410


    This HAS to be the funniest thing I've read on this forum in the 8 years I've been here. People say they "spit" their coffee and shit, I busted out laughing and did spit some Bubly all over my keyboard, screen and the side of my PC. SteveC wins the Forum..... Still makes me laugh every time I...
  19. Bigfoot410

    If you don't like this, then you are anti-Zeppelin and a racist.

    You hate the middle-East. You hate the people of Japan or wherever the hell these guys came from. You hate stringed instruments. Probably hate camels too. :) Camels are cool! F*CK YOU!!
  20. Bigfoot410

    KFC anyone??

    I hate KFC nowadays. It used to be really good chicken back in the '70s. Anyhow....I LOVE the smell of it cooking. Now I gotta go to Wallyworld again...dammit...

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