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  1. KP11520

    McEnroe's Wife with New Music?

    Yup! And she's still got it goin on! Haven't even thought about her in decades.
  2. KP11520


    How good even some of the cheesiest stuff was back in the 80s. This Mashup of old stuff style with the music of those days was Brilliant!!! And of course Steve Stevens on the roster didn't hurt! Neither did those backing vocals!
  3. KP11520

    Anybody start watching "The Barrier" on Netflix yet?

    Talk about where a few bad decisions could take us all in a VERY short amount of time! Coincidence? Intriguing so far.... And maybe even enlightening!. IMO... Recommended! For now, anyway!
  4. KP11520

    Soapbox Messiah. 40+ years of Long Island musicians perform Who's Next?

    If you've been around the LI and Metro NY music scene, you might recognize some of these musicians. Nice job! All for LI Cares. Harry Chapin's ongoing charity.
  5. KP11520

    Best Packaged Cookies?

    Since we need a distraction... What's better than cookies? What's your Go To? Mine are below. Oreo concept taken to the Heavens. And no matter how many I eat, the next is still like the first. I say we give some to the Mods to reward them for letting so many of us vent and stay sane. Thanks...
  6. KP11520

    PC Speakers?

    So my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX have crossed the line to needing above my capabilities repairs. Had 'em 15 years and when they shined, they shined! SO.... What's a real good value in either 2.1 or 2.0 WIRED configuration with a decent frequency response and image with a headphone jack...
  7. KP11520

    A few relaxing minutes of BEEF HEAVEN!

    OMG!!!!!!! I don't care about my arteries!
  8. KP11520

    Big Green Juevos (Large)

    MLP has a lot of Carne and Smoker types. My old Charbroil elements have disintegrated AGAIN and it's time for something better. The Charbroil also lets the fat lay and fires flare up from the bottom. Brilliant FLAW. So this Juevos thing (EGG) seems to be versatile and has controlled temp...
  9. KP11520

    Need Help! Win 7 to Win 10 with old Pro Tools and VIs and Plug-Ins.

    So I've been on Win 7 64 bit for a LONG time and haven't moved up because Win 7 64 was able to reduce to support 32 bit apps like my Pro tools 9 and Sampletank 2.5 and Amplitube. And keep some XP drivers alive (CME UF8 Midi Keyboard) that I love. A while back, @parts brought a thread on...
  10. KP11520

    Two Band Mashups on YT?

    It seems that some of the younger generation is NOT wasting their time and energy on video games and using that computer time to navigate music recording and production in new ways. You wouldn't believe how many there are. And some are beyond amazing. Here is exactly that...
  11. KP11520

    Just for Vic...............

    You took lessons, didn't ya?
  12. KP11520

    PSA: Netflix Movie "Sweetheart"

    DON'T even think about it! Somebody found the costume from "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" in a dumpster somewhere and it all goes downhill from there. And not even a tease of nudity of the chick! LOL
  13. KP11520

    Lost in Space - Season 2 (Netflix)

    Appropriately so...... As it starts on Christmas day in whatever year they're in! And of course.... Lost in space.
  14. KP11520

    Movie "Fractured" on Netflix....

    What a Complete and Total Piece of SH!T!!!! More and more of what they're putting out is exactly this. What pisses me off most is they always are 5 Stars. Which is a total lie to get me to waste the time. WTF Netflix? You want me to pay $12.99 for you to LIE? Save it! Put the real ratings...
  15. KP11520

    So...Looking for a Talk Box type pedal.....

    That gets real close without having to use that tube and mouth and microphone. For... Show Me The Way, no less. LOL Anything out there like this? Thanks!
  16. KP11520

    Anybody watch "Money Heist" on Netflix?

    What a great series. Done in Spain and dubbed really well into English. Brilliant in so many ways. Just be warned.... Set up a rehab program before you start, so it's in place when you hit the wall and start withdrawals. (30 episodes) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
  17. KP11520

    Something I noticed on YT

    I comment on many types of Video Posts. And yes I do tear into those that have beyond STUPID content or about bad people that are pumping raw sewage like it's fact or bible quotes that's not questionable. But in fact is nothing more than Sh!t. Especially if it's influencing lazy brain dead...
  18. KP11520

    Holy SH!T, Bulletproof is BACK!

    Finally! I have been thinking of bothering Roxy to ask how you are doing! No need.... You answered that question. How the hell are you John? And WELCOME BACK!!!!
  19. KP11520

    New GAP Pre-73 Premier, Anybody?

    Just saw GAP is releasing a hopped up version of the Pre-73 with Carnhill transformers and discrete components for $499. Same price as the DLX was. Which was a GREAT candidate for exactly these upgrades. But now they're included. Anybody have any experience or hear anything from others? If...
  20. KP11520

    LtDave and Anna, How are you two doing?

    I'm sure you are overwhelmed with everything that's happening! But believe it or not, It's not the same here without Dave's one in a thousand humorous posts. LOL We do hope all is somehow coming together! Catch up when you can!

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