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    Why Doesn't Epiphone Make a Custom Version of the Les Paul Tribute?

    Solid maple cap (not a veneer) Long neck tenon Gibson Classic 57's Grover locking tuners Ebony fretboard Switchcraft toggle and Jack LPC's are very popular models as evidenced by all the custom signature models Epiphone has been making in recent years, so why doesn't Epiphone continue to appeal...

    FGN Neo Classic LC20

    Hi. I'm sure Paruwi knows who I am and I know he can answer my question. I was going to post this as a PM but apparently I don't have the ability to do that so I made a thread instead. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I want to jump on an FGN LC20 and I need to know a few things before I commit to getting...

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