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  1. Lestergain

    calling R9 owners for an info...

    Hi, to all the people of good will... can you please tell me the exact measure (not specs) of the width of the fretboard (including binding) just after the nut (before 1st fret)??? Thanks for your help
  2. Lestergain

    WTB Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro ll with Floyd Rose

    as per title, please provide info, pics, price etc Thanks
  3. Lestergain

    Gibson Custom Shop John Sykes Les Paul info (from owners)

    Hi I am in search of one of these beauties by a lot of time, I have found one but I was surprised to see in the control cavity that the bridge volume potentiometer is disconnected from the tone one (no capacitor) and is a 500k short shaft (..035 code). Can owners of this guitar please chime in...
  4. Lestergain

    LPC vol at 0... still sound.. how to fix it?

    Hi I am very partial to early 90s Les Paul Customs, I scored a '93 bone stock at a good price, I tested it and sounds like my n.1 ('92 LPC) only thing different is that, either pickup, with volume at 0 you still hear sound from the amp (at very very low volume). Wiring is stock, someone knows...
  5. Lestergain

    magnet pair for most "Jimmy Page middle position" sound (@pickup swappers)

    hi in a Les Paul, whats your most effective magnet pairing to get the most "metallic" sounding middle position, jmmy page style or even more... ? I used to make lots of experiments and I found that pickups with same magnet and almost same Kohms worked best, than I tried the A5 bridge and A2...
  6. Lestergain

    best guitar stand for a Gibson Les Paul Custom?

    Hi, Im searching for a floor/Ground support not an hanging one... which is the best as of realibility, durability etc? thanks
  7. Lestergain

    WTB Les Paul Traditional II Floyd Rose

    Hi as per title, Im interested in a Lp Trad II Floyd Rose, possibly in Europe. thanks
  8. Lestergain

    Les Paul Axcess owners.. balance?

    How did it stays when you are playing standing (referring to the floyd rose model)? I tried a M2M axcess-style les paul, it had great sound despite the floyd rose but the neck weighted more than the body and the guitar had a tendency of "falling" to the left which was uncomfortable for me to...
  9. Lestergain

    pot type in 76-77-78 ?

    for every year (76-77-78): long or short shaft? 500k or 300k? Thanks
  10. Lestergain

    original '92 Les Paul Custom fretwire?

    Hi, need new frets for my original '92 black Les Paul Custom (maple top, nashville bridge etc...) someone knows which is (and where I can find it) exact brand/type of original fretwire? Thanks for your help
  11. Lestergain

    WTB Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II Ebony with Floyd Rose

    looking for a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro II Ebony with Floyd Rose Thanks
  12. Lestergain

    WTB: Gibson True Historic pickup Rings

    let me know if someone is selling, thanks
  13. Lestergain

    need help to date this vintage Gibson P90

    Hi, can someone please help me date this vintage Gibson P90? Ive been told its from the 50s but Id like to understand if its an early 50s - mid 50s - late 50s - 1960 one. Bobbin wire is very dark, seems more brown than maroon. Many Thanks full pics here...
  14. Lestergain

    WTB: AD4096 Endangered Audio Research delay

    Hi, looking for an Endangered Audio Research AD4096 delay. Thanks
  15. Lestergain

    question for wiring experts

    someone knows if its possible to have series and parallel wiring together in a Les Paul? I mean: having series with switch position down (which is bridge only in standard mode) and still standard parallel when switch is in middle position thanks for any help/insight
  16. Lestergain

    not getting email notifications

    Hi, I double checked everything often but I do not get any notification (subscribed threads, private msgs etc). I checked the spam in my server but its all ok. Any clues? Thanks for any help
  17. Lestergain

    WTB late 50s original Gibson Knurled Switch Nut

    Hi guys Im in search of an original late 50s Gibson knurled switch nut let me know if you have some or know someone whos selling Thanks
  18. Lestergain

    WTB Gibson original late 50s catalin Switch Tip

    Hi guys my Tip has crumbled down 2 days ago someone is willing to sell me an original Gibson late 50s catalin one ?? thanks a lot
  19. Lestergain

    WTB : Gibson PAFs and Gibson PAFs covers

    Hi guys just in need of a pair of original Gibson PAFs and also a pair of Gibson original Nickel PAF covers Thanks :slash:

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